Alaska Cruise Tour Aug 2013


Our itinerary for this trip

All aboard the train leaving Fairbanks headed for Denali

I'm Pretty sure this is the University of Alaska at Fairbanks.  But wouldn't bet my life on it.

Bridge over the Nenana River





The bustling town of Nenana


The Infamous Alfred Starr Nenana Cultural Center

Chugging around a bend

Government radio antennas.  Can't remember where they were.




Here we are pulling into the McKinley Resort area in Denali.




Looking back toward the The McKinley Chalet Resort and the railroad tracks behind it.


Denali Pricess.  The place you stay in Denali when traveling with Princess.

The ONLY place for 120 miles to get any sort of Medical treatment.  The closest city is Fairbanks.

The train that takes you from Fairbanks to Denali and eventually Anchorage


Good place to eat in the hotel area of Denali.  Good thing since there about 2 places to eat.

Moose Butt in Denali park.  We're on our 8 hour bus ride in and out of the park.




More moose butts



Denali Goats

Far away bear



Gorgeous scenery



Here is our road hugging the side of the mountain


The Savage River Check Station in Denali park.


Can't think of any comments which will not get me in BIG trouble.




More bear butt.  Can't seem to get any animal photos other than butts.





Caribou munching


A bear if you can imagine the rest of it behind the foliage



Well sort of a bear face

Back safe and sound at the McKinley Chalet Resort.

Sled doggies at the Denali Park visitor center







Ho hum











Our cabin at McKinley Chalet

Our cabin door was the one of the right.   Not that it matters

Dinner one night at the 49th State Brewing Company a few miles down the road.


The 49th State Brewing company from the outside.


Inside our luxury cabin




Not a lot TV watching being done

Back on the train headed for Anchorage.  We're about to go off on a siding so the north and south bound trains can pass.


Here's comes the northbound.



Yes we could have touched hands between the two trains.






Inside of our comfy train car.

The "airport" in Talkeetna





Talkeetna is the town that the Northern Exposure TV show was patterned after.  (but not shot here.  it was shot in Roslyn, Washington)




The booming town of Wasilla.  Former mayor was Sarah Palin before becoming Governor.

And here we are in Ahchorage looking at a mural on the side of JC Penney





A lost Detroiter on the streets of Anchorage

The Alaska Railroad HQ in the background.




The farmers market in Anchorage.  Actually the best place we found to go while in Anchorage.  Lots of handi crafts and good food/snacks.

On a different train now headed for the ship in Seward

The following are just some pics from the train on the way to Seward from Anchorage








Eagles nest























End of the rail in Seward

The train pulls in right next to the ship (on the right)

My usual photo documenting our cabin




Actually had a tub on this trip



Otter type critters





Whale tail.  Best I could do.  Kinda tough to get these guys

Getting ready to dive

Finally after a dozen rapid fire shots, a tail

Dive Dive Dive

Our naturalist coming on board to narrate our trip thru glacier bay


Cute little guy just floating around on his/her back




Getting ready for our deck lunch


In the fog we met up with our sister ship, the Westerdam


ICEBERGS.  Ok, so maybe more Ice CUBES









John's Hopkin's glacier





Back inside, the atrium piece on the Statendam




Here we are in Haines Alaska



Totem at a nice little park along Front Street on the way into town


Watch out Walmart, Howsers is alive an well.



The Hammer Museum.  More pics to follow




Inside the Hammer Museum




A little blurry but I had to leave it in cause I actually HAVE one of the hammer screwdrivers like the one with the yellow handle


To my knowledge the only drive-thru in Haines.

Walk-up this side, Drive up on the other.

Police and Fire all in one

We had lunch at Big Al's


Now where did we put the water

Big tides in Haines

One of the best shore excursions in all of Alaska in my opinion is the evening drive along the river in Haines.  Lots of wildlife



Mom showing the youngster how to fish























































Back to the ship

Hello Juneau


Had some GOOD BBQ from this person.










Patty met some new friends near the pier






One of the State ferry's in dry dock on Ketchikan










Our sister in port in Ketchikan


Sea planes everywhere













Downtown Ketchikan along the waterfront

Hmmm.  Chico's Mexican with the best Pizza?

Lots of little shops along the creek.

Salmon coming in to have their young.




Another shot of creek street shops












These lined the boardwalk rather than the usual banners cities hang.








VERY GOOD chowder

Celebrity snuck in too

One steep road


Al long Ketchikan









Tides are so big the coast guard boat is under the top of the dock and boathouse.









NICE sea plane



Now here is the way to store your sea plane


The cruise ended in Seattle and we decided to stick around Seattle a couple days.  The food from Ivars was wunderbar.

A look back at downtown from the waterfront



One of the many ferries around Sattle



Mount Rainier in the distance behind CenturyLink Field

Inside Pike Place

Pike place on the right

Had a lovely day in Leavanworth in the mountains





The post office




Reminds me of Frankenmuth MI






Old time Soda fountain in Doane's drug store in Cashmere WA.

Downtown Cashmere


The Pybus Public Market in Wenatchee WA


Large fan made by "Big Ass Fans"

Last stop, La Conner WAshington.  A artsy type town along the water.  Very nice.





Have crack in wood, will grow.




Of course I had to find the La Conner post office to send Sandra a card.




One huge tree section


The End