Eastern Caribbean April 2018

Here's our itin for this shorty cruise on Royal Princess.


Looking off our balcony at Lake Mabel (port Everglades)

17th street bridge, Pier 66 marina, and Pier 66 hotel

Our room for the journey


Whadda ya know, the room come with a lady.



Our room on this trip

A couple of little boats at Pier 66 south

Carson. About 150 feet. 10 guests, 10 crew and range of 4000 miles.


Yacht Fortunate Sun. A little bigger 177 feet.  For sale as of this writing in May 2020, for $19,900,000. 10 guests, 13 crew and 6000 mile range.


Only could get the back end shot under the bridge.  This one is Aviva. 321 feet long. Owned by British Businessman Joe Lewis.


Note the size of the boats stored INSIDE.


Kinda unusual. A Royal Caribbean ship at the Carnival dock.


The Perl Mist. Pearl Sea Cruises. 210 passengers and 70 crew.


She summers in Great Lakes ports and winters in the Caibbean.






Smaller yacht tug service???


Headed into Princess Cay for the day and leaving Royal to wait for our return.


Princess Cay from the ship



Looking across the tip of Princess Cay to a Carnival ship way off in the distance at Half Moon Cay

You can just see the white blip of the Carnival sip in the middle of the picture

The very end of Eleuthera (Princess Cay)

The lighthouse at the tip of Eleuthera

A few light snacks and chocolate covered strawberries compliments of the Casino.


Sunsetting in St Thomas


St Maarten pierside

The dump, the dump, the dump is on fire...let the @%#%@%^#%# burn.


Testing your music knowledge with my parody.

Our room tucked away in the corner

Ah yes, the skywalk on Royal.

Don't look down



Found a nice spot in the aft of the ship to eat some dinner.  No smile.  I interrupted her eating,


The End