Hawaii January 2020

Grand Princess San Francisco to Hawaii and back.

Our itin except for a bit of a change.  We were one day out of Maui on our way back when there was a medical emergency. We had to turn back to Hawaii and ended up in Honolulu.  Left there and had ended up losing a couple days time so skipped Ensenada and then arrived at 3pm in San Francisco instead of the usual 5-6 am.


Princess put us up in a hotel for the night and rebooked our flights for the following day (Feb 12).


The other noteworthy item is the evening we got off on Feb 11, someone with Covid got ON and it departed for a 10 day Mexican cruise. Returned and then left for Hawaii again but then ended up in the thick of Covid issues.

Our hotel room for the pre-night. The Parc 55 right downtown.

Can't miss taking a pic of a cable car

Looking up Powell St.

Wonderful soup at Historic John's Grill (since 1908)


An inside shot of John's.

My steak and shrimp's

Patty's Shrimps

Ourside view of the Parc 55

Market street shopping

Market and Powell

We're on the Grand Princess.  Here's our room for a couple weeks

Fully Medallionized

Our Balcony


Looking from our pier toward the Golden Gate


Left our pier and looking back at the city of San Francisco





This entire trip we had some bumpy seas

Piazza is a little smaller on the Grand class ships compared to the Royal class, but still very nice.


Early am pic of the pool before the crowds

One lone swimmer

The inside pool. Again, pretty early in the am.

Welcome to Hilo. View of the airport from our Pier location

Patty's lunch from a place in the farmers market in Hilo

Hit the farmers market and the KTA super store for some supplies.

Some into Honolulu about 6:30 am.

Aloha lit up in the early am

Another city view looking east from the Pier


That's a scary selfie

Snuggled right up to Ala Moana Blvd.

P&O Arcadia coming in to the other pier. 


380 airbus taking off. Coast guard base Honolulu in the foreground

A lovely rainbow with those tourist cousins also taking a picture

Nighttime shot of the tower.  Yes you get to spend all day in Honololu.

Coming into Kauai.  Port side view

Starboard side view

Mr Tugboat just in case we need him. The entrance to Nawiliwili harbor is tight and you have to snake in.


The Kauai Marriott, It's of significance to me since my family stayed there in the 70's on my first trip to Hawaii. (Grandma,T, cousin, aunt, uncle, mom,dad)

Took a tour of Kilohana plantation.


Sorry don't recall what kind of fruit


Another thing I don't remember





Special kind of banana but I don't recall which kind.



One I know.  A rainbow Eucalyptus. 


Entering pig territory.  You can see the dark specs in the distance hauling a@@ toward us cause we've got FOOD!





Whatcha got for us?



Somehow a goat found his way here too.


Saying good bye to Kauai til we return again.


Lighthouse marking the entrance to Nawiliwili

There's the Grand Princess hanging out off Lahaina Maui.


Wait for it.







And down we go

Enjoying the view while waiting for some whales.

Found some

































You have to let your eye relax and not look to hard at this one but you can see the greenish case of the whale right under us with a flipper coming off to the lower right.  The nose is near center at the top.





Here we are up top



Ready your camera, that back is starting to arch









There we go





And gone 















Catamaran tour coming back 

One of the Grand Princess tenders loading up. 

The grand again, from shore 

Looking out at Lanai 


Under the famous Banyan tree in Lahaina.  Oldest living Banyan in Lahaina.  Planted April 24, 1873. 


A panoramic shot attempting to show the size of this tree 

So this is a map off the TV showing our path.  You'll see the path to Ensenada is not quite right.  :-)  This is where we had turned back toward Honolulu.  Patient was not in good enough shape to be Helo'ed and also we were too far out. 

One of our sea days on the return. View from inside looking out.

A shot of our bump seas headed back.  Ran into some nasty weather fronts. 

When all else fails, EAT 

One of our sea days on the return as viewed from our Balcony. Needless to say it didn't get much use this day.

My first Champagne Vending machine.  In the lobby of the Parc 55 where we spent the night on our return when we arrived late. 

View from our room. 





The End