Circle Caribbean January 2015

A little different itin this time.  Departed Tampa and had some eastern, southern and western caribbean.

The day by day

Our cabin from my perspective relaxing on the bed.


A little bon voyage deck party as we got ready to depart Tampa

So long Tampa

A bunch of tugs in dry dock.  not sure if they were new or all being re-done at the same time.

Looking back up the Seddon Channel

Funny thing happened.  It was very windy in Florida and conditions would not allow us to go to Key West.  :-(


So.....  Hello Grand Turk

A tad bit breezy here too

2 sisters looking to do do shopping damage

And part of the shopping area


The Ryndam sits in wait for our return



This was the last year for Ryndam to sail for Holland America.  She was moved over to P&O Cruises Australia in Nov 2015.

The lovely beach area right off the pier



A "happy" cruiser relaxing on the beach

Next Stop San Juan.  This is El Morro.  The Fort guarding the harbor.



El Morro was named in honor of Castillo San Felipe del Morro King Philip II of Spain.  Built in the 16th century.

Some of the grounds around El Morro

The walls are pretty thick.  Prob why it is still here after being built in the 16th century.

Old San Juan

USCG San Juan

Good size Coast Guard Station



Isla Grande airport (common name).  The full name is Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport.   No wonder they just call it Isla Grande.


A small airport in Miramar (a district of San Juan)

The funkiest Yacht around.  Owned by  Andrey Melnichenko a Russian Billionare.  He also has a huge sailing yacht and a 737 aircraft according to Wikipedia.

Onward to St Thomas.  We're docked at Crown Bay this time.

The old Buck Island Lighthouse and the new lighttower that replaced it.


We're on our way to St John on a wee bit of an excursion.

St Croix way out in the distance and a lovely yacht that just happened to be in the right place at the right time for the shot.

Weaving in and out of small islands headed for St John in the distance.

The Harbor where we docked in St John

Back to the yacht harbor in St Thomas


A lovely little 279 foot yacht.  It's available for charter.

12 guests, 8 cabins, 29 crew.

Yours for the week for only $910,000 plus "expenses"

Or there is this "shared" Celebrity Summit "yacht".  :-)

The bay in Charlotte Amalie


And by the magic of time travel, we're in Curacao.  That is a Princess ship that was in port at the same time as us.  But they had to dock out.

We were here in the St Anna Bay area

Here's the west side of Willemstad. 

And the East side of Willemstad.

You see the Queen Emma Bridge behind our ship.


It's a floating bridge that pivots at one end to open.


Can't remember the significance of this pretty house.  I'll update once I figure it out.

One of the cemeteries. Note: Above ground.

Here we are at the Senior and Co.  Home of "The Genuine Curacao Liqueur"



Table mountain

Her highness Sandra on the Queen Emma Bridge

A cool clock in Willemstad

Onward to Aruba.  This is the Paddock bar and restaurant.  A rather eclectic place.  I particularly like the No parking sign and snow shovel.

A close-up


Told you it was eclectic

A tiny yacht backed in by the Casino.  It's ONLY 167 feet.


Here we are in Falmouth Jamaica.  This is a shot of the cruise line built port.  (built by Royal Caribbean)  (Similar to Grand Turk built by Carnival)

Of course there has to be a Margaritaville here too.

The Good Hope Great House built in the 1700's

The land around it.


You can read for yourself



I like the floors.



Nice breezes through the house by the way it was designed.

The Good Hope Counting House.   Counting one's money in the main house was thought thought to be bad luck.

 Originally built as a stand-alone office.


Now is a honeymoon suite. 

The porch where we had a nice lunch with jerk chicken and other wonderful food.

More of the inside of the house

The local "guard cat"

Her highness Sandra surveying her peeps.

The Ryndam again, anchored off Grand Cayman.


Approaching our submarine for an undersea adventure


Looking at the props of the tug next to us.

Inside the sub

Our guide narrating as we pass thru 70 feet

You know the brilliant colors you see on TV from undersea shots...well it only happens if you have auxiliary lighting.

Down here, everything is this blue color.






Our max depth of the day






An old anchor and chain


The End