Hawaii January 2017

Our route for Hawaii 2017

The Itinerary

Pre-night in San Diego.  Our first time using Uber.  We went into Old Town San Diego and wandered around and got some dinner.



Yum a nice Mexican dinner

The big dog enjoying her dinner.

The usual room shots

Inside cabin on Westerdam. Plenty of room for 2.



I love the J class inside cabins on Vista class ships.  (I think it's J anyway)

One can't go all the way to Hawaii without a few snacks.

View of the port of San Diego from the ship.


A pretty sunrise while out on deck for my morning walk.

I know the rail is in the way but just thought it was pretty anyway.

Chugging along

Savor this.  You don't normally see it this calm in the middle of the Pacific.

Treating ourselves to dinner at the Pinnacle.

Sorry about this one.  I got carried away with my crabcake appetizer before I thought to take a pic.

I wish I could remember the name of it, but this was a "traditional" mid-crossing party out on the bow of the ship. Drinks, music, Hawaiian dancers, and raisin buns.

Westerdam, launched 2004

Beautiful lady on a beautiful day

The dancers I mentioned

About as far out on the bow as you can get

Soaking up sun and breeze

Last stragglers

View from the crows nest of where we were down on the bow.

The promenade. Home of the morning walks.



Coming into Hilo (Big Island of Hawaii) in the early am.


Our guide for the trip

What tourists


Inside the lava tube. Sorry this is a little blurry.  Wasn't very light in there.

Overlook at Kilauea






This was January 2017.  In May 2018, Kilauea erupted.  You would NOT have wanted to be standing here.







The following are photos of where Kilauea flows into the ocean (normal, not erupting)  Been doing it since 1983.


Sorry they are blurry.  Neither I nor my camera were set up for night photography.




















Preparing to go ashore in Kona on the Big Island. (Hawaii)

View of our ship from up the hill (Walmart :-)  )


Looking in at Kona from the ship


Little doggie going for a ride in the Ala Moana Shopping Center.


The 9th largest mall in the US and largest open-air shopping center in the world.


Opened in 1959

A mall wouldn't be complete without a Tesla store on the 2nd floor.

Ala Moana has a huge food court on the bottom street level.  105 food places.





Patty decided to get a haircut at Macy's

Waikiki Beach

Dining at Gordon Biersch Brewery restaurant in the Aloha Tower Marketplace.  Unfortunately, it's now closed down.



The Aloha Tower Marketplace was developed in 1994 and was a great place to get off the ship and show and grab food. But it didn't make it and pretty much fizzled around 2002 from what I read. University of Hawaii took it over in 2013-2014 and about the only place remaining is the Old Spaghetti factory.

Yummy food

View of our ship from the marketplace.  (we were docked at pier 4 not at pier 11 next to the tower)




The deck after a daily washdown




The Aloha tower and marketplace


Mountains of Maui

Same without the back deck in the pic.  :-)

The Banyan Tree in Lahaina.

One massive tree spanning a square city block.



The ship as viewed from Front street

Lanai out in the distance

The view from lunch at Kimo's restaurant
























The End