Circle Caribbean January 2018

Our itinerary.  But it changed a little. We went to St Thomas before St Maarten and then did not go to Antigua.


Also, We didn't do Curacao but added Grand Turk on the way back.


Multiple issues.  I guess Curacao had too many ships scheduled plus Caribbean Princess had some "technical" issues which was limiting the speed.  I do not know for sure but I think there may have been an issue with the Port side Electric Motor that drives the prop. 

The map they showed on the Princess site when we booked but missing the changes mentioned above.  Plus no idea why they showed Amber Cove.

As we get older, we all have pills to take I guess.  This was the pre-cruise set-up of Doggie's pills.  Sheesh!

A nice little runabout tied up at the Hilton Hotel Marina where we stayed.

Blurry but Costa coming into port on Saturday morning while I was on my walk on the morning of our cruise.

I guess I was not breaking any speed limits on my walk.

Ft Lauderdale's idea of a "winter" scene!

Another view.  Plus you can see a ship coming into port in the background behind the illuminated tree.

Port day, Sat Jan 13, 2018.

The Caribbean Princess awaits us.

Harmony of the Seas (right), Costa, Holland America and another Royal Caribbean ship in port.

Back at the HIlton marina.  These people are serious about the power on their boat.


That's 4, 350HP outboards.  1400HP.

And a second similar (smaller boat) with 4 - 350HP outboards.  Sheesh!

Our home for 2 weeks.  Sandy left, Patty Right, and me in the fold-down on the right.

The WC.

Our desk area.  Patty decorated for Sandy's birthday which was 2 days previous.

Our door.  Made it easy to find the room anyway.

The 17th street bridge over the intracoastal. Our Hotel (Hilton) was the white multi story building to the left side.

Port Everglades from the bow of the Caribbean Princess.

So Long Ft Lauderdale, see you in 2 weeks.

Pretty sun-set as we head out of Ft Lauderdale.

Approaching Princess Cay

The Michigander relaxing on the beach in Princess Cay.

We had to tender into Princess Cay.


Note the Coast Guard Jayhawk helo.

Not too sure why the Jayhawk was cruising about.

Waving to the Holland America Veendam as they passed us.

What a nice way to have Breakfast each morning.

Carnival Magic racing us to St Thomas.  They were winning but guess we had more clout cause we went in first.

Harmony of the Seas was also in Port that day.

On our shore excursion to St John. A Sailboat that didn't do so well during the Hurricanes that came thru in Sept.  Irma and Maria.

Caneel Bay 5 star Resort on St John .  Hurrican Irma and Maria devastated it.  They don't expect any time in 2018.  Perhaps some time in 2019!

Blue Tarps everywhere.

Boats in the background slammed against each other.

A large boat beached in the Cruz Bay Harbor


This WAS a fiberglass light pole.

The same boat up closer.

A bit of an issue with the bow.

And a bit of a hole in the stern as well.

Another business devastated.

The house in the center of the pic is home of the the hooter's founder.

I usually do Sunrise photos but here caught a sunset.

Oasis of the Seas joining us in St Maarten

Dutch side St Maarten (yes i know I am spelling it wrong.)

The Pier area.  Being rebuilt after the hurricanes.

My fav spot on Caribbean Pricess.  The aft pool area under the "arch" otherwise knows as Skywalkers on Deck 18.

View from the pier with Oasis and Caribbean process side by side.

Low income housing built on St Maarten (pre-hurricanes)

More blue tarps

Closed McDonalds.  Note the sign tipped over from the hurricane.

The Dutch-French border on St Maarten.





Many many roofs demolished



Sheet metal roofing from Somewhere?

Vegetation trying to come back.

Where house in the background ripped apart

More damage

Men repairing the roof on a home



Warehouse near the water.  Just mangled steel left of the roof.

more devastation

Many cars had dented roofs, trunks, and hoods.

boats beached


Sailboat and what is left of the mast.



Boat up against the bridge.

Note the boat but also the sticks which were trees.





Mangled bridge of the boat.

Radar arch, windsheild, etc blown off.



Some intact yachts in port.



Beautiful yacht which didn't make it,  Note: They had taped the windows like you do for hurricanes but that appeared to be the last of their worries in this case.

Another angle.

more mangled boats





This was a nice yacht.









The end of the runway at the airport.  You can see the American Air which just landed and was taxiing back.

More beached boats.

Another view of the sunk yacht from before with the destroyed condo's/apts in the background.



Even a large work boat washed up.

A nice blow boat in port.

Yet another yacht kaput.  Same color as the previous pics but not the same yacht.


Our ship and Oasis of the Seas across the bay.

Oasis pulling out of port.  The thing is SO huge.

A small little toy docked behind us just before we left.

Our train ride on St Kitts.

Church on the north west side of St Kitts.

Also a fellow tourist and Ms Alviani

Welcome to Martinique.

Morning in Martinique as we get ready to dock.

Fort-De-France City


Approaching the pier


Lookup up Rue de la Republique.  Not the best pic.  It was nicer that pic. 


Never ask Patty to smile for a pic.

Welcome to Barbados.  Splendor of the seas in port.

Also CMV (Cruise and Maritime Voyages) Columbus.

Windstar ship

View from the top deck.  Midship pool plus a view of the TV screen back at the next pool back.


Rather unique building past the containers is the Kensington Oval Cricket Stadium.



We were also in port with P&O ship Britannia.  (Blue


Pilot boat as we approach Trinidad



Weather looking a little iffy.  (I did rain)


My Dream boat.  (No this was not hurricane damage)



So long Trinidad

You can get all the way to the very tip of the bow on the Grand Class Princess ships.

Looking down from the very tip of the bow.

Good morning Norwegian Dawn.  Our dock mate in Bonaire. Up close and personal.

Quite close.






My favorite place to visit when in Bonaire.  Gio's Gelato.

A couple of tourists about to head across to Gio's.


(I was already there and had a 2 scoop.  Chocolate plus Extra Dark Chocolate)


And I needed to be sociable when the girls went over so had a single Cherry to top it all off.  I'm good for a while now for Gelato.

Looking toward downtown Kralendijk

Our pier and shops

The white way out there is piles of Salt.

Sun rising over Grand Turk Cruise Center

Carnival Glory approaching

Gorgeous water









Lots of people piling off the 2 ships.  Mostly Carnival Glory

Step-sisters docked together

Replica of Freedom 7 that splashed down right near Grand Turk



Margaritaville in the Grand Turk cruise center

The Dufry store you come thru off the pier to enter the cruise center,

A packed beach with 2 ships in port



The Sea Witch

Our last day we were at Sea.  I just finished my walk and it didn't look great ahead.

Ended up pouring rain and then some rough seas the rest of the trip.  Force 9 (50+ knots).  12-14 seas.  Nothing big unless you are prone to being sea sick.

Skywalkers nightclub in the "wing" at the back of the ship up on deck 18


Our bumpy seas

The pool was rocking and rolling.

My rack.

Room as set up for the night

The madhouse at Ft Lauderdale airport waiting to come home.





The End