Eastern Caribbean March 2020

And so goes 2020. We had the following 2 cruises booked back to back.  The eastern Caribbean for 7 days and the western for 7 days on Regal Princess.  It was originally just the Eastern until we decided to drive to the port.  We figured driving all the way to Ft Lauderdale was not worth it for just 7 days.

Well, at 5:30am in Sunday March 8, the captain woke us all up in our rooms to tell us there were 2 sick crew members on board and we had to sit outside Miami while the coast guard delivered covid test kits, had the crew members tested and wait for the results. (negative for covid) AND our second week was CANCELED!

12 hours later we had been given clearance to dock in Ft Lauderdale.

Our group got off the ship at 1am Monday the 9th.  While waiting, we booked a hotel room in Ft Lauderdale and arrived there at 2am.

Woke on Monday and started home with a stop at Nancy's sisters place near Lakeland to say hi for a few hours.

We were the last cruise Regal made in 2020.


The map of the itin for the second week that never happened

The itin of the second

On the drive down, we stopped in Corbin, KY and then Adel Ga.


After a nightmare of rush hour traffic in Atlanta, we backtracked a tiny bit to Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q of Atlanta. They had been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives so we thought we're give them a shot.

Inside decor

My sammich and beans.  Very tasty

As were the fried pickles

After a night in Ft Lauderdale, we finally arrived on the ship and surprised Ms Nancy with our Balcony room.

Patty THOUGHT she was hiding in the bathroom

The new Medallion system.  As you approach your door, the system sees your medallion and unlocks the door.

Our boarding Lunch

A cake ordered by Ms Patricia.  VERY tasty

First Stop, Princess Cay


The ship waiting for our return

Photo-op by the stairs

Here we are in Saint Maarten (pardon the spelling)



Looking off our balcony down onto the pier in Saint Maarten

Some wildlife hanging out in the front yard


This was SOOOOOO yummy. Ham and Cheese croissant from L'Express cafe in Marigot on the French side of Saint Maarten. Ate one while Patty was shopping at the open air market and then took her back to look around and got a SECOND one!

Some of the little rowboats we saw on our harbor tour







Still some sad sights from Hurricanes Irma (maybe also Maria) in Sept 2017

Sunken Tug

A PILE of boats all on top of each other from the Hurricane.

Left is the airport

What you can see of a sunken sailboat from the 2017 hurricane

Some lovely digs


The Regal and our dock mate for the day, Aida Diva


The required cruise ship sunset

Morning up on the jogging (walking in my case) track.

They have stops along the way to use some equipment

Tennis/B-Ball/you name it, court

Ping pong is real fun on a moving ship with a wind blowing.

Another view of the track

Celebrity Silhouette passing.

The back of our poor edge on the way home

The one little spot for Patty to sit. Nancy was given the front so she could use the heated seat for her sore back that started just a couple days before the cruise.  Yet another 2020 aspect.


The End