Mediterranean October 2019

A map of our route this go-round.  Three amigos celebrating our 60th birthdays. Patty, Luann and Terry

The daily itin

Our pre-night roon in Barcelona at the Barcelona Gallery Hotel

Bakery across the street.  Of course I would find a bakery

Boulevard near the hotel


Some protesters. They were protesting something to do with the Catalan independence movement.  Sorry but I don't pay attention to politics in my own country let alone someone elses.


More protesters returning from their rally.

Dinner at this cute place called Pizzeria Eden Barcelona. 

A salad to share

Very good pizza

And my carbonara was VERY good.


The outsize of Pizzeria Eden





More colorful protesters


Safely on board the Sky Princess.

Our desk/snack area

Sunrise in the Med.

The Piazza on Sky Princess



Yes, the Rock of Gibraltar

Our ship way across the bay in Gibraltar

One of the strangest airports you will find. There is a ROAD that runs across the middle of the runway.  It's the connection to Gibraltar from Spain

When a plane somes, they put down gates just like at a railroad crossing, the plane lands (or takes off) and then the gates go up and back to being a road.

Yacht Harbor at Puerto Banus Spain.

Small dingy

Just down on the left is a Gelato shop! :-)


Long trip from Georgetown (Grand Cayman)



Super sleek

You can get just about anything in Spain I guess

Marbella was great. A long walkway along the beach with restaurants and shopping

The "rock" with our ship at the right looking tiny.

Looking to the right.  The very distant mountain in the center of the picture is the north tip of Africa.

And further to the right.

Another runway shot on our return from visiting Spain


The rock as viewed from our ship


Here's a view of the west end of the runway.

Pretty sun setting as we leave our berth

Another shot of Africa

Panoramic shot of the bay at Gibraltar

East side of the rock




We're docked in Toulon France but took a shore excursion to Saint Tropez. This is a bit of the harbor in Saint Tropez



Having had a boat with just a little Black on the hull, I can't even imagine maintaining an all black boat.




The town hall of Saint Tropez


Parish of Saint Tropez schedule


Side street cafe's all around


A lite bite at the Senequier


Had a retractable canvas roof

A bit of rain to dampen things a bit

Onward to Genoa, Italy and on our way to Camogli for our shore excursion


Harbor at Camogli

































































































































































































































































































The End