And so begins another adventure. This time on the Enchanted Princess. Canada and New England/Caribbean Oct 2022

7 day and 14 day back to back.

We snuck in on the Inaugural season due to covid.  It didn't set sail until Nov 2021 so we managed to get on in October 2022 just under the wire for inaugural.

Our 7 day schedule


The 14 day schedule

Welcome aboard the Enchanted Princess

Governors island foreground with New York right and Jersey left in the background.


We're docked at the Brooklyn cruise terminal in Red Hook

Looking up the East river

Vintage old fireboat giving us a send-off.

It's the John L Harvey. Built in 1931. Now retired and doing tours.




Approaching the Verrazano Bridge on our way out of New York


Fairly tight fit under it.  Although Oasis of the Seas is even taller than our ship and goes under it.

Our accommodations for the next 21 days

Didn't get a chance to put carryon's or wife away yet. :-)

The new Medallion controls at the door. Automatically unlocks as you approach.

See. Unlocked.

And Sophie gets her picture displayed.

Waterfront of Newport RI.

Wider view of Newport

Enchanted Princess waiting just for us. HA!

The Clairborne Pell/Newport Bridge


Harbor entrance to Newport

Fort Adams guarding the entrance to Newport

Sorry, no zoom. A mansion of Newport


Halloween Flash mob.  They practiced the day before and got to display their skills.

Our officiers

Bar Harbor from a far. 

Perhaps our last trip by ship. In 2022, the town passed an ordinance prohibiting over 1000 passengers at a time from ships. Of course it's not in court being challenged by local businesses who make much of their living off cruise passengers.

Anchored out waiting for folks that were in town spending a few bucks.

The Le Dumont D'urville of Ponant cruise line as also in port.

Dinner at the French Specialty restaurant

Made it to Saint John, New Brunswick. This is the view looking UP into the City Market.

The building is built on a hill so you climb uphill when entering this end of the market.

Looking "downhill" into the market

Picked up my usual butter tarts (Canadian delicacy) from the market along with my usual Honey toasted sea salt peanuts from Nut and Fudge at the pier.

Chilly day but our room was on the sunny and leeward side so pretty nice sitting on the balcony.

See ya later Saint John

Saint John Pilot escorting us out

Took a repeat tour to Lunenburg on our Halifax Nova Scotia port day.

Had to pay a visit to the Savvy Sailor for a piece of chocolate peanut butter pie

It didn't last long

The lower side of the Savvy Sailor

The 3 churches of Mahone Bay, NS.


Sorry, not the best pic.


The St James Anglican, St John's Evangelical Lutheran, and Trinity United Church.

Looking out of Mahone Bay

Made a trip to another specialty restaurant on board. The Salty Dog.

Cool looking bread sticks

Pre-sunrise on our way back toward New York

Ok, there it is.

A few cute carvings. Anyone like poodles?

Couple love birds


Turnaround day back in New York.


Watching everyone get off and new folks coming on.


We had about 300 of us who stayed on for both cruises. It was very nice this time around. Didn't even have to get off the ship. Customs and Border Protection officers came on board and we just had to see them in the dining room at 7am and show our passports then were free to roam the ship. WAY COOL.  No getting off and back on.

Proof I did my view safety review. Ever since covid, they went to a process of watching a video and scanning your medallion at your muster station.


As of me typing this (1/31/2023), several cruise lines have gone back to requiring you to meet at your muster station. We'll see if Princess follows the same path.

Only in the middle of the night OR on a turnaround day do you see the piazza this empty.

East river again, waiting for sail-away.

Doesn't look like much from this pic, but we were going thru subtropical storm Nicole as it was forming into a hurricane. Only the 3rd November hurricane in recorded history to hit Florida. It was a wee bit bumpy but nothing we haven't gone thru before.


I watched our track, the the captain took us out further east into the Atlantic before turning south to San Juan to help skirt Nicole.

El Morro (Castillo San Felipe del Morro)

Citadel to guard the entrance to San Juan Bay.

Walls began 1539,





Coast guard station San Juan

CH station and the main cruise ship piers to the right.


We didn't get off the ship in San Juan so this is it for pics.

The zip line in Sint Maarten (St Martin). It's part of the Rockland Estate.  The rocks at the top of Sentry Hill are where the main zip comes town,

Chairlift ride up to the first stop

Off to the right going up the lift.

Looking back to Phillipsburg on the way up the lift.

Once at the top of the first chairlift, you zip back and forth a few times between peaks of Sentry Hill.

After some back and forth, you take one more short chairlift up to the very top of Sentry Hill.


This is looking out to Sandy Ground and La Baie Nettle on the French side of the island.



Back looking at Phillipsburg on the Dutch side.

Looking at the Princess Juliana International Airport on the French side.

Looking south of the airport.

The main event.  The Flying Dutchman. 1050 foot drop in elevation over 2800 feet of line.

The arrow marks the landing zone. 

Here we are at the bottom. Landing zone is just to the left.  (you can see the cables) 

Our ship is joined by Jewel of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) 


Some moon and stars on the way to St Kitts 

The moon and the dot below it is Mars. 

Arriving in St Kitts 

St Kitts piers 

Shorex over to Nevis.  Our first time on Nevis. 

Alexander Hamilton's birthplace in Charlestown, Nevis.


Although some other research released in 2021 seems to think otherwise.   






Downtown  Charlestown

Signage says it all 

View looking to St Kitts from the former Bath House Hotel 


The patio of the Historic Nevis Bath House Hotel  looking toward Nevis Peak

Front view . Built by John Higgins in 1778. The first tourist hotel in the Caribbean.


Included a Bath Stream (see previous hot spring pic) and people would come stay and enjoy the therapeutic properties of the bath. 

Governors facility 

Another view of the Governors place 

One more view 

Lunch stop at the Lime Beach Bar.  Chicken, rice and slaw.

Inside the Lime Beach Bar 

Outside view 

Back to St Kitts and the welcome area at the Pier 

Looking at the business end of the runway at George F. L. Charles airport in Castries St Lucia as we come in to dock. 

The FedEx office/hanger. :-) 

Nice little bay 

The main cruise port dock. But we didn't go there this time. 

We're over here. 

Not the greatest, but toward the stern of the ship was a very nice plaza with ships as you exit the port. 

Our lunch spot Patty picked inside the Castries Central Market. They had a whole row of these little places. 

Started out wanting Mac and Cheese we saw in the window but she said we had to buy a meal to get the Mac and Cheese. And then Patty added on a piece of King Fish to try. So ended up with Pork, King Fish, Beans and Rice, Mac and Cheese, and "salad".


And it ended up being an adventure. We were finished eating and there were some good size pieces of the pork fat rind we had left. Some man came along, looked at us and with his eyes said "you done" and took the pork fat off our plate and put it in his mouth to eat. (sad someone has to live that way) BUT, in 2 seconds, out stormed the lady proprietor with about a 12" knife in her hand chasing after the guy yelling at him as she gave a short chase.


Once chased off, calmly asked if we were done and took our place into the back.


So a sad sign of life but some entertainment at the same time. Don't be mess'en with her clients stuff. 

P&O Britannia and  Silversea Silver Whisper were at the normal cruise port.



Patty cleaning her shell finds from Nevis. Brought them home to make jewelry. 

Sunset leaving St Lucia 

Cousin Joanne lost her hubby Gerry in 2021. She had a little ceremony the cruise line will do for you which included a reading and throwing overboard of some ashes.  

Documentation of Gerry's resting place. 

Pilot greeting us in Bonaire.  

Started the day with a bit of a rainbow. 

Kralendijk Bonaire. (don't ask me how to pronounce it) 


We just hit the vendors market in the town square, got a Gelato from Gio's and headed back to the ship. It was SUPER hot out. 

Welcome to our berth at Willemstad Curacao. 


Looking down at  St Anna Bay from the Queen Julianna Bridge.

Fort Church  

Back side of Governor's Palace 


A vendors humor 

A stop on our Shorex at Mambo beach complex. 

All kinds of shops, restaurants, etc at this resort area. 

Our ship at the "Mega Cruise Port"


The Queen Emma Floating Bridge.  It gets swung to one side when vessels want to pass. 

Back to the pier at the Mega port 

Farewell to Willemstad, Curacao 

Not so fast....


We got to the west side of the island along the coast and stopped and turned around.


Medical emergency on board.  So we hovered off the Mega port pier and launched a lifeboat to take the person to shore. 


This was about 11:45pm'ish if I recall. 

One the into the port.


We went to bed but we were back on our way by like 12:30 or 1am. 

Arriving in Aruba. The commercial port is now additional cruise port space. Later following our arrival, Harmony of the Seas arrived and tied up here.

The "control tower" at the port. 

The small boat inner harbor 

Celebrity Reflection followed us into the port. 


The port entrance where passengers come in and out of the pier area has been moved further west to accomodate the converted commercial port traffic. Harmony of the Seas in today's schedule. So we had a bit of hike to get the length of the old pier to the new entrance. 

The I Love Aruba sign is now near the passenger entrance to the port and they created some park area around it.  The sign USED to be down near the Renaissance Market place.

Iguana on the rock center of the pic if you look close. 

The ships of the day. Enchanted Princess, Celebrity Reflection, Harmony of the Seas, and the ever present Freewinds scientology ship to the right of the line of cruise ships.

Another Iguana hiding in the center of the pic 

Zoomed shot 


A little critter 

Crabby Joe 


The inner harbor boardwalk along the main drag thru town.

The little canal that runs under the street from the inner harbor into the Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort and shopping mall.

Drop off water taxi stand. 

Looking east thru town 

And west in town 

Back to Ft Lauderdale where our journey finished. Looking at the 17th st bridge. 

Port everglades from our balcony 

The entrance to the port and the condos where people give you a nice send-off when you depart Ft Lauderdale. 

First time in real pants in 2 1/2 years since the last cruise in March 2020 


Terry, Patty and cousin Joanne 



The End