Canada and New England/Caribbean 2014

This cruise is actually a 7-10 back to back.  Here's the first 7 days.

Here's the next 10 days

My usual room pictures

It's actually a very nice size interior room on the Royal and Regal Princess ships.

Great sitting area, goody counter (you'll see later) and dressing area.

Bath is not huge but functional

And good storage

Here's one of the new features on the Royal Princess.  A catwalk that extends out over the edge of the ship

Lots of people squeal and some refuse to walk out on the walkway.

Now that's a BIG SCREEN TV!

MS Liberty and Yacht Attessa IV.  A 332 foot yacht owned by Dennis Washington, a Montana based industrialist and philanthropist.

Governors Island and the New York skyline as see from the ship at the Brooklyn cruise terminal.

The Brooklyn bridge and Manhattan bridge behind  it.

New York and New Jersey.

Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas docked at the Bayonne cruise terminal in New Jersey

One World Trade Center


Jersey again

Wifey having a get acquainted sit-down.

The main pool area. 

Here we are in Newport RI.  Our ship is way out in the background anchored in the harbor.



Getting ready for Halloween at the Trinity Church.  They had pumpkins, cider, donuts, hot dogs, etc.


Hard to see but some of the mansions.


And here we are in Boston in the North End at Trattoria Il Panino.  This is the spaghetti carbonara.  As you can see, they serve it in the pan it's made in.  VERY GOOD

Not the biggest kitchen in the world.

The outside

Sunrise as we enter Bar Harbor


Here's Main Street looking toward the harbor

And looking up main from the harbor

Another tender day to get us to shore from the luxurious Royal Princess

The docks where the tenders land.

Nuf said.

Onward to Halifax.  This and the next shots are from the Citadel overlooking the City of Halifax





The Piazza on the Royal Princess

Back in New York.  Sunrise on the morning of our turnaround day as we get ready to head south.





The sun about to pop up

The Verrazano  bridge way out in the distance.  The ship goes under it entering and leaving New York

The sun finally popping up

Another shot of the walkway out over the edge of the ship with some big green boats.




Traffic starting to line up to drop people off to join us for the 10 day cruise.

My lovely wife sitting in our favorite pool-side seats as we wait for the 10 day crowd to board.  It's a very quiet place from about 9 or 9:30 til about 11 or 11:30

One of the Staten Island Ferries.

On our way.  See you in a year New York.

The East River from a far.

See you Lady Liberty

He comes the Verrazano Bridge.  Will we fit?

Looking close



Are the stacks gonna hit?

Phew, just making it under.

Coney Island


Sailaway party with some line dancing going on.


Once again, our favorite seats

And the other side

Showed you the sun rising over New York, and here it is setting as we head out to sea.

There's the walking/jogging track on Royal and Regal Princess.  A place I spent LOTS of time at during our 17 days.  7 laps is a mile.

I was just over 700 laps for the 17 days.




A chilly wife enjoying the sail away



Fairly narrow channel as you depart.

My favorite catwalk while under way.


And as promised, the SNACK area after our stop in Halifax.  You can tell it was after Halifax cause of the butter tarts from the Altlantic Super Store.

One of the carvings in the Horizon cafe.


And after a few days at sea, here we are along with Norwegian and Carnival in St Thomas.

The Charlotte Amalie waterfront.



The Royal Princess


Tarts are GONE

The adult pool area forward of the main pool.

Much better pool side weather in St Thomas

Patty staying out of the sun

Downtown Charlotte Amalie

The Yacht Club


How DARE they show SNOW on the TV


One of the sea planes that takes you to other islands



Norwegian Getaway leaving us


Carnival Conquest sticking around


Allure of the Seas (the worlds largest cruise ship) and one of the Holland America ships over at Crown Bay docks.


We were docked at the West Indian Company Dock with the Havensight Mall area right off the ship.  Shopping galore.


Here we are in Antigua.  We're all docked and here comes Carnival Splendor




Carnival Corporation Cousins



Downtown St John's Antigua

A nice little boutique area


The water slide on Carnival Splendor

Hello Splendor people

The relatively new backup generator added to Splendor after it's fire and no power situation off Mexico back on 2010


So long St John's




At night, the stage area out poolside turns into a mini Bellagio water fountain set up.


The Piazza was PACKED

The chef's were busy



Can't believe some of the costumes people packed.  The head piece on this guy would have taken a suitcase of its own.


Here we are in Aruba.  Our last stop before Ft Lauderdale.  This is the MV Freewinds.  It's affiliated with the Church of Scientology.  It's a training center for the highest level of Scientology.

The cruise port area in Aruba

An area over by the Renaissance Market place that is loaded with Iguana's

I paid the, to all face the same way for this picture.  :-)

Another little critter

Neon Green is in fashion





Coral Princess was in port with us.

Looking back at downtown Oranjestad Aruba.

The water taxi that goes into the bottom of the Hotel in the background





The End