Canada and New England/Caribbean October 2015

Same as last year.  7 days Canada and New England, then 10 days to the Caribbean. 

The 10 day itin

The 3 amigos cruising together for 17 days.

We went out a day early and walked around New York.  The girls went into Macy's while I sat out front enjoying NY life.

A little snack at Eataly.  We were at the La Pizza and La Pasta restaurant inside Eataly.

Both dishes were wonderful.  (sorry but didn't think of a photo until we started eating.)

The Flatiron Building.  5th and Broadway.  Built in 1902.  Just outside Eataly

Saturday morning I got up at 5/5:30 and did my usual walk for bagels.  May websites said Absolute has the BEST in New York so went for a 9 mile roundtrip walk to get some.  They were very good.


47th and Broadway in Times Square to 107th and Broadway and back with a detour over to Ess-a-Bagel at 3rd and 51st.  (looking for different flavors for the ladies)

Former home of David Letterman

Sorry for the blur.  We asked for an SUV to take us to the ship but they sent a limo.

No complaints from anyone about arriving to the ship in a LIMO!

See you in 7 days New York

The Champagne waterfall.

Happy sisters in the dining room. 

Happy Terry with our Snack area.  Already made our visit to the Atlantic Super Store in Halifax for Butter Tarts.

My walks on deck were a challenge the first few days.  I went from 22 degrees in Canada to 90 degrees in Aruba for my morning walks.

Pre-dawn as we enter Bar Harbor


The Bar Harbor waterfront



The Regal Princess at anchor

We had some fall color this year.

Main street

Ben and Bill's Chocolate Emporium



And the sun sets as we depart Bar Harbot


Hello Boston.  Here's the Old State House

And you guessed it, the Old City Hall

Paul Revere's grave


The Franklin's and many other famous folks in the same cemetery.


Boston Common on a lovely fall day

A classic old tavern.  The Green Dragon just down from the oldest restaurant in America(to the right), the Union Oyster House.

Anyone who looked at the previous year would know this is the spaghetti carbonara from Trattoria Il Panino.  YUM!

And our favorite Bova Bakery.  Not fancy but delish.

Hanover street in the North end.


Passing Crystal Symphony on our way out of Boston

Logan airport


The Black Falcon cruise terminal

On our way into town in Newport RI

Back in good ole New York for turnaround day

The early morning moon as I was on my daily walk around the walking track.

Another shot.  Sorry about the blur.  Cell phone camera, dark, moving ship.

Welcome to St Thomas Crown Bay

A very nice presentation about Carnival cruise lines.  A couple things to note on this slide:


1 - 105% occupancy means 3rd and 4th people in the rooms.   Not people being dragged behind the ship.


2 - Lookk at the Fuel Cost!

Hello and good bye to Antigua  :-)


Sorry not much by way of pics this time



The underside of the walkway that extends out over the edge of the ship.

Hello Aruba.  The main shopping center downtown

Coral Princess was with us again like last year)

One lowly Iguana

The yacht basin

The Princess cousins

Inside the Renaissance Marina hotel.  There is a water taxi that comes right into the underside of the hotel and takes you to the marina and Renaissance Ocean Suites hotel area.

Our string ladies all dressed as kitty cats for Halloween

The Voice at Sea!  Kinda fun.  They hold auditions during the middle of the cruise and then near the end have a voice competition where the judges recruit people for their teams and the judges are ships officers and entertainers.

Forgot my usual room photo so you get the room pic from our day we departed the ship

Terry Upper, Patty under and Sandra closest to the camera.


The End