Canada and New England/Caribbean October 2016

3 cruises back to back. Here's the first 7 day


Here's the 5 day

Here's the 10 day portion



First meal.  :-) Love the fried scallops and pasta.

Manhattan as seen from the ship docked at the Brooklyn cruise terminal.

Governors Island

Lady Liberty way out there.



Looking up the Hudson


Sunrise as we pull into Newport, RI.

The Clairborne Pell Bridge (Newport Bridge)

Rose Island Lighthouse

  The lovely Regal Princess 

The Victory I cruise ship. Used for warm coastal cruises, St Lawrence Seaway and Great Lakes cruising.



Yacht Angiamo





Perfect timing.  We're here for the Bowen's Warf Seafood Festival.  A Yearly festival with lots of good food and beverages.

The place on the right behind the checkboard shirt is my favorite chowder to be found anywhere.

Can't forget dessert.


Our room for this adventure. I get the top bunk since we have Luann in our room for the first 7 days and Sandy for the last 10.

The usual photo of what room we're in.




Time for the champagne waterfall.

Pretty moon-rise

Sunrise (I think)

Made it to Boston and food capital of the world, Quincy Market

Nothing but food the length of the building.


Onward to the North End and our (or at least MY) fav Italian restaurant.

WAY too much pasta.  Lunch today and cold for breakfast.  Served in a nice pan.

Sunrise as we enter Bar Harbor

We've got company

Low tide, you can see the bottom going across to Bar Island.

The hotel and wharf area

Lady Regal waiting for our return

Looking down Cottage street from the corner of Main and Cottage.

Ben and Bill's Chocolate Emporium. Yes they actually have Lobster Ice Cream.


I prefer the wonder Ice Cream from Mt Desert Island Ice Cream.  Sooooo good.


The unassuming outside of Mt Desert Is Ice Cream


Why not go for round 2.  We don't get here very often.

Next stop Halifax.  I'm on top of the Citadel on my morning walk.  I was able to go for a morning walk because we had to skip St John NB due to high wind.  So we overnighted in Halifax.







A nice resting place on the top.




The Halifax Town Clock sometimes called the Old Town Clock or Citadel Clock Tower.


Began timekeeping October 20, 1803. 


By total coincidence, I took this picture on October 20, 2016. Exactly 213 years after it started keeping time.

Big ole hole.  Getting ready for Pavillion at South Park. Luxury Condos and shopping.

My morning walk thru the Publix Gardens. A MUST see of Halifax


























Chill'en at the gardens









I need to read more to understand this one.


Excerpt from Wikipedia: "

The Atlantic Time Zone is a geographical region that keeps standard time—called Atlantic Standard Time (AST)—by subtracting four hours from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), resulting in UTC−04:00. During part of the year, some portions of the zone observe daylight saving time, referred to as Atlantic Daylight Time (ADT), by moving their clocks forward one hour to result in UTC−03:00. The clock time in this zone is based on the mean solar time of the 60th meridian west of the Greenwich Observatory.

In Canada, the provinces of New Brunswick,[1] Nova Scotia,[2] and Prince Edward Island are in this zone, though legally they calculate time specifically as an offset of four hours from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT–4) rather than from UTC














Rather unique building design. The Halifax Central Library.

Carnival ship arriving

Patty and Luann awake and heading to the boardwalk.

Halifax has nice pilot boats


Not sure what was "down there"


Lunch at the Old Triangle Irish Alehouse

Supplies laid in for the voyage including BUTTER TARTS!

The Skywalk on Regal.  Long way down to deck 7 from 16.

Our little organza bag of goodies.

Back in New York on a windy day.  Needed Tug assists.



Hey I know this place.  Halifax again.


Did I mention Halifax is a college town with all trimmings.  (pranks)


Home of Dalhousie University

Back for lunch at the Old Triangle.

The inside decor





This time it's Aida in port with us rather than Carnival.

Nice boardwalk in Halifax

See you later

We made it to St John this time.  These are the Kingsbrae Gardens in St Andrews by-the-Sea, New Brunswick.  Just down the road a piece from St John.





Tunnel thru the hedges










Hanging out with the Alpacas






The reversing falls.  They are rapids in the Saint John river that literally reverse as the tide goes in and out.  They have 30+ foot tides in the Bay of Fundy (St John).

Back in New York in the wee hours of the morning before daylight.




What the ship looks like on a turnaround day before all the mob boards.  I love this time on board.  It's like the ship is our own private yacht. 

A tiny bit bumpy

Time for a football game

Crown grill treats


5:57 am Halloween morning while out on my walk just outside St Maarten.

St Maarten ahead.

Britannia already tied up.


Waiting to board our boat for Saint Barts. No we didn't get to go on the big inflatables.  We're on the white boat behind them,

Downtown Gustavia


The Gustavia harbor




Now THAT's a boat with some horsepower. I am pretty sure those are 400HP Mercury Outboards.  So 1600HP on that bad boy.

Only 1200 horses on this one.

But it is a smaller boat sop should fly.

















Le Select burger joint.  Opened in 1949.


Legend says it was the inspiration for Buffet's cheeseburger in paradise but prob not true.  But per fromers, Jimmy shows up to play in their bar for milestones.


The no frills burger and fries from Le Select.

Back in St Maarten at the beach.


More of downtown

Our ship awaits





It's pumpkin time



Onward to Antigua

We're at Nelson's Dock Yard in the English Harbor.


Named after Admiral Horatio Nelson who lived there 1784 thru 1787.

Per Wikipedia, English harbor became a focal point for establishing a Navy Base back in 1632. Construction of the "modern" Naval Dockyard began in the 1740s.



The harbor,




Views from the Guard House overlooking the harbor.



Don't mess with this cactus


The Guard House.






Traveling thru Antigua. 


See anything interesting in this Pic?  Check the zoom in the next pic.


Back headed for home.

A bit of liquid sunshine

This is more like it for a Sea day

Another view from a little high up

Pulling into Bonaire

Pier side

The pier side shops


Here comes Norwegian to join us


Not sure why I took this other than for the natural landscape view of the island.

A little place we stopped at for a drink and rest room. Loved their signs.






Inside one of the Slave Huts by the Salt ponds



You can't imagine how hot it would have been inside one of these.



The ponds

And the famous flamingos





No that is not snow it's Salt

And more salt

And more




The loading platform to load the salt on ships


Downtown Kralendijk

Inside my favorite place in the caribbean.  Gio's Gelateria

Their Gelato is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good.

Picture says it all

Gathering for the World Orchestra night.  All the bands and music folks on the ship gather to play in the Piazza

Another sunrise while on my morning walk as we head back for Florida

The Fantom cruise brand owned by Carnival. They the short lived line made trips to Cuba after it had opened up with improvement of relations between Cuba and the US.


Founded in 2015 and defunct in 2019.


The ship Adonia was originally one of the Renaissance cruise line R ships.

The end