Northern Europe Aug 2008-Sept 2008

Here's the itinerary for this trip.  

Here's the street outside our hotel in Amsterdam.

Just a cool looking old building

Amsterdam is the city of bicycles.  I have never seen so many.


See that "parking" structure?  It's nothing but bicycles.

Another view

The canal tour boats.  There are numerous canals in Amsterdam.

The next images are taken from our boat ride on one of these canal boats.

Another look at the bike park.

Near as I can tell from looking online, overhoeks is a residence complex.

The Central station.  VERY busy train station.  Ad more bicycles outside

Ferry boat dropping folks off at the central station

MORE bicycles

It's a big port.  More photos of the port later on

Not positive what this boat is, but low and long.

The Music building (concert hall)

Nemo science museum.  



Lots of different architecture in Amsterdam


Another view of the Nemo science museum with the replica of the ship Amsterdam out front

The entrance to the canal

One of the MANY "house barges" that are throughout Amsterdam canals.




Lots and lots of low bridges


Look back where we came from.  Nemo in the background


More homes on the water



Another canal boat docking area.   Busy intersection

An interesting lift bridge



Fortunately, the boat didn't stop here otherwise Patty would have gone crazy.



A very pretty place

The yellow thing below was a temporary barge setup where they had just held a concert.  Pretty cool.  Just float in the pieces and instant music stage.

One of my favorite homes on the water.

The dome is part of our hotel.

The long building in the background is the central train station.

The bikes are not fancy, just functional


Patty taking charge in the street

Another typical bike.  Notice the generator light.  They all have generator lights

A quaint little novelty store

When we arrived at the pier, we checked in and the person at the counter mentioned our room number and it wasn't the room we had booked.  But I recognized it was a BETTER room number.  Whoo Hoo.  Here is the brochure floorplan.

Here we are outside our cabin.  #040 aboard the Prinsendam

Here's the room looking left

Looking right

Further right back toward the door

and the rest of the way around.  Walk-in closet to the left of the entry door, bath to the right of the mirror.

Full size tub/shower and lovely sink area

This is taken from inside the separate commode room looking into the main bath area.

One side of our verandah.  

Looking the other way on our verandah. 

Nemo as viewed from our ship balcony

Office buildings line the pier.


Century heading out before us

Commuter trains of all kinds

Another long and low ship

See you later Century


A tug waiting to see if we need help


The cruise terminal

On our way

Another view of the concert hall

I have NO idea why we didn't hit something on the way out.  Boats every which way.

Beep Beep, out the way!




Water view of the central station

Our hotel event center again


The whole building appears to have been built on piers driven in the water.

Wind generators EVERYWHERE

One of the drydocks


Some of these are huge.


A fast ferry hydrofoil


A sucking machine.  Dredges the bottom by vacuuming it up.

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