Northern Europe Aug 2008-Sept 2008

We're docked in Tallinn Estonia.  We're joining the Crown Princess for a day in port.

Looking from the pier toward town.

As you can see, we've had better days weather-wise but whatcha gonna do.  This was the Tallinn town square.

A little more complete view.  

City hall

A little better pic of the city hall.







These are ancient tombstones from St Catherines Dominican Friary.



This is an open air market area along the old town walls.

Tallinn is a busy place.  Notice the sign of Mickey D's.


The old gate to the city.


We've left Tallinn and this was their Pilot Boat seeing us off.  I was impressed with what a nice boat it is.



Ooooohhhh,  Ahhhhhh.    Nice boat.



I think this is the nicest Pilot boat I've ever seen is all of our cruising.

We were drag-racing with the Seven Seas Voyager.

And Crystal Symphony appeared as well.

Welcome to St Petersburg, Russia.  Home of the Big Mac.  

Again, what's with the weather.

Lovely, drab buildings in this city.




Here's one of their old electric trains.  Everything is kinda old and dilapidated.  (IMHO)

Typical apartment buildings in the background.

Have you driven a Ford lately?


Here ya go.  Apartment living at it's best.

And then there are the palaces.

This is where our tour guide informed us that in St Petersburg, it you see something Gold in color, it IS Gold!


Here we are at Peterhof.  

Some of the gardens around Peterhof.

A dog's gotta snooze

Lined up waiting for our tour.


More of the grounds


This is the wood floor in one of the large rooms.

Ceiling art



Another shot of the wood floor.  Just amazing.


Looking out the front window.

Enuf bling for ya?


This is just like our dinner table.


An American tourist in St Petersburg.

The Grand Cascade at Peterhof.








Looking up the Grand Cascade




Our hydrofoil awaits us for a return trip back to downtown St Petersburg.




The Aurora.  Russian cruiser built in 1900.







The Resurrection of Christ Church.  Also known as The Church of Our Savior on  Spilled Blood.  Built between 1883 and 1907 on the site where Emperor Alexander II was assinated.


Both the interior and exterior have finely detailed mosaics.


Remember that all this is done with mosaic tiles.




Looking UP







The church in miniature.











Get your filet-o-fish at Mickey-D's.

A SEA of refrigerated containers at the port in St Petersburg.



Peterhof as viewed from the sea.


The Narva Triumphal Arch.  

One of the subway stations.

The subway stations (above and below) are very impressive.  Sorry pictures not allowed underground.  Part of our shore excursion this day was to ride the subway.  Kinda scary cause if you missed getting on or off you were screwed cause no way to read the signs of know where the guide was headed.

I think this was another station.

A theater.  Sorry, don't know the name.

Museum sub C189.  It was built in 1954.




Inside a farmers market.



Grocery shopping Russian style.  See what you want in the window and tell them at the door and they get it for you.





Vodka tasting

The Seaborn Pride in port 


Some sort of military manufacturing facility I think




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