Cancun trip of 2000
As you can see by the sign, we went to Cancun in 2000.  February of 2000 to be precise.  This sign is at the public beach around Kilometer 18 of the Kukulcan Blvd.  I took the picture while on one of my morning walks.  Yes, sadly enough, that time is actually A.M.!   But look at the temperature!  Ahhhhh, a fine winter morning in Cancun.



This is the lobby of the Sun Palace where we stayed for this trip.  Lots of marble everywhere.




Three of the crew,  Patty, Luann, and moi, enjoying a sunny day by the pool.  Sean is taking the photo.  Don't worry, he's in the next picture.




A look up the beach from the Sun Palace.  The second sloped building in the distance is where I walked to every morning.




Nope, this is not a sunset photo.  It's a SUNRISE photo. 




And another Sunrise shot.