Photos of our crash on 7-30-04

We are 2 lucky and thankful people.


Patty opening the Garbage bag to get our stuff out of the car.  Don't ask me how the mirror on my side (drivers side) went untouched.  All I can think of is "catching some air" as the surfer dudes would say.


In this shot, if you look at the read window that's half way down, you can see how much the whole body is bowed outward.  The window is normally lined up with the pillar.


Patty's side took the biggest hit.


The rear wheel is no longer point straight ahead.

And I just replaced the darned wiper blades too.

If you look closely at the steering wheel, you can see that I must have had a death grip cause I bent the top part back.  (or maybe the bottom in)


My seat full-o-glass