Europe 2003 (continued.  Malaga, Spain, Gibraltar and Lisbon, Portugal )




Again, for my Ford friends, a pic of a Ford dealer in Marbella, Spain






More of the Ford dealer (and Luann snoozing)






Some of the sights from our walking tour 





A VERY rare photo.  My beautiful wife actually posing for a photo.










Same shore excursion as Marbella, now we're in Puerto Banus.  

This is King Fahd's yacht.  "Shaf"






And the rest of the main row of big buck boats





The entrance to the harbor.





Looking across the harbor






Now we're back in Malaga where our ship was actually docked.  This is a shot of the shopping area in Malaga.





A wider view.  Lots more shops down the street to the right.






Here we are docked in Gibraltar, Gibraltar.





On top of "The Rock" with the monkeys.





Looking down on the city from the rock.





Looking at the runway to the airport and Spain.





The east side of the rock.  Lots of sea action.






Looking North-East





That'll be $5.00 for picture bub.











Here we are in Lisbon, Portugal.




The Tower of Belem.

Built by order of King Manuel the first, in 1515. Its function was to defend Lisbon's harbor.

The 25th of April Bridge. It was inaugurated in 1966 with the name 'Salazar Bridge', the dictator who had it built. It was later renamed to commemorate the 'Carnation Revolution' that happened on the 25th of April 1974, when the soldiers placed carnations in the muzzles of their rifles as they led the revolt against the world's longest dictatorship.





This is the Monument to the Discoveries.  It is there to commemorate Portugal's many famous explorers and discoverers and adventurers like Vasco da Gama and Magellan




The Praca do Comércio





Looking down into Lisbon.  I can't remember what this is called though.

The end