Circle Caribbean Feb 2007

Princess called it their Grand Caribbean Islander.  It was a combo of a little Eastern, a little Western and quite a bit of Southern Caribbean.




The itinerary





An anxious cruiser waiting at Metro airport.





A shot of one of the many canals around Ft Lauderdale while on my morning walkabout the day of our cruise.





Looking the other way.





No, we're not on the Star Princess.  It was just in port at the same time as our ship.




The 17th St bridge opening to let some "poor" person through with their boat.





All the way open.


The little dingy names Jo that caused the bridge opening.

160 foot Benetti.

It's available for Charter.  $100K per person (2 people) per week or $48K pp for 4 per week.





Another shot of the Star Princess.




The SeaEscape.  

It does day cruises out of Port Everglades.




The Carnival Liberty.  One of the more recent ships added to the Carnival Fleet.

Launched in 2005.





And there is our Sea Princess waiting for us to board.





Holland America Zuiderdam I believe (back) and Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas.




And finally the Celebrity Cruises Summit.





Long shot of the port.





Looking West on 17th St.





The Renaissance hotel where we spent our  pre-night.





Our room for the next 14 days





Luann and Patty trying to decide how we're going to survive 14 days in this little room.





I've never seen such a Small Balcony room





Or such a small balcony.





The 2 lovely ladies waiting for our tender number to be called to go ashore at Princess Cay




One lucky group heading to shore.





Giving a lifeboat a test drive.





Princess Cay Harbor.






The airport at Tortola.




Just a couple shots showing what Tortola countryside looks like.





And another





To be honest, not sure.  Some large development off Tortola.




Our pilot coming to meet us.





Not a fancy boat but it will do.








The "speedy" boat that runs between Tortola and Virgin Gorda 





Downtown Roadtown





At least we know the workers do their laundry





Better shot or Roadtown, Tortola





The pier where we'll be docking.





Just a pretty sail boat.




The ladies off on the hunt in the Craft Alive Village.





Craft Alive Village residents




The Sea Princess awaits out return





Another shot of the craft village.





Pusser's restaurant, bar, and gift shop.


A couple small boats visiting Roadtown.

Helios is 193 feet and charters for $395K per wk.

HELIOS 2 is a Palmer Johnson Yacht built in 2002

Victoria Del Mar next to it is a 121 Footer.




Onward to Antigua





This old boat look as tired as I feel.




This odd looking ship is the Easy Cruise One coming into port.




The converted base of an old Sugar mill in Antigua





Stanford International in Antigua






Stanford built a huge cricket stadium.









V.C. Bird airport.





Headed back to the ship





Lunch awaits





A rainbow appears off our balcony





Just some shots of the harbor










A shot you don't get much on a Caribbean cruise.  An empty pool area.


Now THAT's a big screen TV!
















Just a shot showing the ship was built by the Italians.





Now we're in Barbados.  This is the Sunbury plantation house.

Here's their web site if you want the full scoop.








The front porch area.  There was a nice breeze with all the windows out here.





I'd like to have the room for a table like this.






Looking at the front porch area again.  I guess not really a porch, but I'm not sure what to call it.











Outside of St John Parish Church




Typical small home on Barbados.  





A larger home





A subdivision





The view from St John Parish Church







Burial area just outside the church.





The never smiling in photos wife.








The Gun Hill Signal station.

There were numerous of these on the island to signal each other of approaching ships or also for notification of slave rebellions.






Landscape leading up to the signal station





Not the best shot of the Lion.  It was carved out of a single piece of stone by a British solder (Captain Henry Wilkinson) and military laborers in 1868.





You can see the whole island from atop Gun Hill








Our ship way off in the distance. 

Signal with the cannons. The Sea Princess is invading!







More of the Gun Hill flowers








We had the tour bus drop us off here in Bridgetown.





Very nice marina







Downtown Bridgetown.





Here we are in St George's Grenada.  

I believe this is Ft George overlooking the Harbor.





Our ship docked in St George's as viewed from Ft Frederick.





Ft George on the left.











Here we are on the other side of the island from St George's





Grand Etang lake





You could buy a banana from one of the ladies selling spices and feed the resident wildlife.







Grenadian tourist trap.  :-)






Annandale Falls.





I missed getting the shot, but there were locals diving off the top of those rocks into the pool of water at the bottom of the falls.






A HOT day begins in Isla Mararita.







The pier area where we tendered in from the ship.





Our first tour stop.  Tacuantar Village.











Here we are at the Los Jovos Plantaion







We got samplings of the local fruits





Extracting the juice from sugar cane.







Some dining on a piece of sugar cane.









Here we are coming into Curacao.  This is Tafelberg ('Table Mountain')




Here comes the Sun.  Once again I'm out and about early.





The blip on the right is a ship coming along behind us.






The harbor entrance.  Holland America beat us in.








How would you like to be the pilot climbing this rope ladder






The employee area up on the bow of the Sea Princess.





Queen Juliana Bridge.  The highest bridge in the Caribbean (per what I found online)






Can you believe it!  Luann and Patty got up and out to watch us come into Willemstad.





Nice Dew there Luann.













The colorful waterfront.

The ferry boat seen in the picture take you back and forth from one side to the other when the walking bridge is open.





The other side of town





Note the floating walking bridge to the lower right.  It swings open when ships come through






Better shot of the bridge









The bridge is closing behind us.






It was SUPER windy.  Getting a hand from the local tug.








You can "ride" the bridge if you want.  The blue boxes at each side are motors connected to propellers that move the bridge open and closed.






Downtown shopping







Typical cemetery in Curacao




Inside the Curacao Museum. Originally a Military Quarantine hospital




Another shot of the inside.  Built in 1853.


Here's some more detailed reading





The polka-dot kitchen.
Supposedly painted that way to keep flies away. (makes the dizzy)

The carillon. A carillon is the largest musical instrument in the world per the web page above.  This one controls 47 bells in the top of the museum.  Take a bit of muscle to play it.





Just a view from the west looking toward the harbor.










Don't you love pictures out a bus window.  This is taken from atop the Queen Juliana bridge




Oil refining is one of the larger industries of Curacao




Shopping, shopping





Looking out over the island. 





Another view of "Table top mountain".  A phosphate mine.





The "pricey" homes.





Caracas Bay




Fort in Caracas Bay





A not-so-typical home.





Again, the high price neighborhood








Chobolobo distillery, home of the authentic Curacao Liqueurs.






Back in Willemstad.  Another view of the famed brightly colored buildings.






On the right is the "floating market".  You buy right off the boats.






Time to leave.  Again, the wind prompted help from a tug.





But wait, we have to wait for another ship to go by







Getting into position





The walk bridge is open, so the ferry goes into motion.






Heave ho!






Another ferry loaded and ready.







The Government house.











Good bye Curacao





Almost done with our tug





Easing up to unhook his line.




Here we are in "Mobay".  Montego Bay, Jamaica. 


Looking at Royal Caribbean's  Radiance of the Seas





A view of the harbor








The main shopping area.





Mobay way our last stop before arriving back home.














The End.