Back to Back 7 day Eastern/Western Caribbean-Feb 2008
We thought we're try something different.  We did 2 - 7 day cruises back to back.  Here was the first week itinerary.

And here was the second week

We arrived a day early as I like to do when booking my own air.  This was our room at the Marriott Hollywood Beach

We had a wonderful dinner with the best waiter I've ever had in my life.  This was the outdoor seating right on the boardwalk.

Looking the other way


We had a nice view of all the ships leaving Port Everglades Saturday evening.




Sorry for the blur.  This is a rental bike you can get on the beach.

There were these cool lights all along the boardwalk.  They constantly changed colors (see next picture)


Here we are in our cabin on the ship.  Cabin 5122 on the Westerdam

See, I told you it was 5122.

Another view

Here's the sailaway party out on the back deck.

Jewel of the Seas leaving Port Everglades


Some folks luck enough to live on the channel as we leave Port Everglades.  

Or maybe not.  Maybe they were just trespassing.  :-)

A little dingy coming into Ft Lauderdale

The steady stream of ships leaving behind us.

Here's our ship tied up in Grand Turk.

The pier and this whole complex were built by Carnival for use by their various cruise Brands.  Other cruise lines are able to use it as well but Carnival Brands have priority.

Our first shore excursion of the trip.  We're headed out Snorkeling on this cat.

A beach stop while we were out sailing


Beautiful waters of the Caribbean 

My wonderful photography.  I have a great shot of the back of Patty's head.

You were issued "noodle" floaties and a glass of rum punch which was kept full by the staff.

Well, doing better but now it's fuzzy.  I can't win.

The Westerdam again as we return back to the pier from our excursion.

Even if you don't go on an excursion, you can just shop a bit and hang on the beach right by the pier.



Jimmy B's Margaritaville in the background.

Looking out over the island looking left to right in the next few shots.








Welcome to Tortola.  Home of Patty's fav place to shop.  Sunny Caribe.  Lots of spices and sauces.  As you can see we had to tender today.  It was a busy place.

Downtown Tortola.  The red roof building in the middle is Pusser's Outpost.

We had some tender issues.  2 of them wouldn't fire up for some reason.  They finally got one of the 2 going and this was the mini sea trial.  :-)

There were some ticked off people cause tendering took forever with only 2, then 3 tenders running.  But since we've been here before, we just sat here on the balcony and watched the world go by until thing calmed down.

Looking back toward the cut between Tortola and Saint John.

Costa Atlantica leaving

Millennium and Norwegian Dawn taking up the spots pierside. 


We finally made it to shore.


Ok, fast forward to St Maarten.  This is the harbor over in  Marigot over on the French side. 

The other side of the harbor.


Dingy parking for those staying out on their yacht's in the Harbor.

Another harbor area in Marigot.




Last images of St Maarten.

Sorry, no pics of Half Moon Cay this time. The End of Week One...The beginning of Week Two.

We're back in Ft Lauderdale (Port Everglades).  Some lady had to be taken off the ship. Not sure what was wrong.

A shot of ships of yesteryear and now.   The Regal Empress being turned around by tugs on her way out or port.  

She was built in 1953 and is due to be taken out of service in 2010 when new Solas (Safety Of Life At Sea) regulations take effect.  (would require tons of upgrades)

This was the ship featured on a Mythbusters episode where Tory ?sp water skied behind her.

Carnival Liberty making a made dash out of dodge.

Another shot of EMS waiting for the lady who had to be taken off the ship.


Time for Caribbean Princess to take to the sea.

Westerdam anchored off Half Moon Cay

One of the new options at Half Moon Cay is horseback riding along the beach.

Ok it's along the beach and in for a little bit of wading.


Lots of folks having a good time at the beach

Looking back toward the harbor end of the beach

Welcome to Half Moon Cay (Little San Salvador Island)


They have a couple big tenders which makes it pretty quick and easy to get back and forth.

Long shot of the beach as we were leaving

One of my favorite shots of Half Moon Cay.  

We're back for round 2 of  Grand Turk.  Here's the catamaran we went on the first time we were here.

Patty's sister Sandy joined us for the second half of the cruise so we actually ended up taking this same snorkel trip a second time.

The crew of Sea Passion was quite surprised to see us a second time in a week.



Onward to Grand Cayman.  Here's the P&O ship Arcadia anchored off Georgetown. 

And Carnival Conquest

Carnival Victory and our Westerdam.


And along the line a Royal Caribbean ship joined us too.

We had a bit of rain but since its usually beastly hot in Georgetown, it was nice to have the rain to cool things down a bit.

So much for lots of pics in Grand Cayman.  Here we are in Cozumel already along with Carnival Conquest and Norwegian Spirit.


As usual, Cozumel is hopping

Ocean Village is a UK based cruise ship.  Part of Carnival.

We were at the furthest pier from town and were joined by Mariner of the Seas



We return to our ship after a long day of shopping.


The End