Caribbean Collection - January 2011

 This cruise was a kind of southern-eastern Caribbean combined.

The view from our balcony looking across the harbor at Port Everglades.


We're looking at Emerald Princess, Seven Seas Navigator, and Maasdam. 

Some yachts along 17th street in Ft Lauderdale and the Hyatt Pier 66 in the distance. 

The Seaborn Legend leaving port. 

 Maasdam hitting the road.

 Celebrity Equinox leaving town.

 Navigator taking off.

 Emerald Princess making way.

Downtown Oranjestad Aruba. 

Hotel Zone across the island. 

 The yacht harbor

 The ship terminal


We're in Curacao now.  Here's the Grand Princess WITH her shopping cart look.  (the Skywalkers nightclub across the back)  This was removed in April/May 2011.   

A new hotel/shopping area by the ship. 

 Another view.

The Queen Emma Floating Bridge.   


You can read more about the bridge at

The colors of Willemstad. 

 The view back toward the ship from the Emma bridge.

View from on the bridege 

 The Rif Fort on the left with the newer hotel and shopping area I showed in previous shots.

The bridge opened to let a boat thru. 

 The Ocean Victory yacht visiting.





Netherlands Antilles Panther 811 Coast Guard  




The man-made beach/pool at the Renaissance Curacao Resort and Casino. 

Another view of the Resort, Casino and shopping area. 

Willemstad Bridge. 

Another view of the "pool". 




 The Rif Fort again


The pier at Grenada 


 Downtown St Georges Grenada

Welcome to Barbados.  Eclipse, the worlds largest private yacht coming into port.   It's owned by Russian Roman Abramovich and is 536 feel long.

Eclipse docked  

One of the super delux lifeboats. 


 At 184 feet, poor Pangea looks small by comparison. 


 Sea Princess at its dock.

The aft heliport. 

The forward heliport. 

Now that is a swim platform! 



 Our home away from home.


 See ya later Barbados

One last shot of the big monster. 

You can never have too many sunset shots when you're at sea.

 St Vincent harbor.


A bit of rain in St Vincent but at least it made a rainbow. 

The cruise ship terminal. 

 Contrasting homes on St Vincent.


A Fred Olsen ship in port at the same time.  Different doc area though. 

The cruise ship area (and downtown) area of Bassetere St Kitts.  Look back at the 2002 trip.  There was NOTHING other than the Teal colored building back then. 

St Kitts Harbor area. 

Welcome to Yacht Haven in St Thomas 

The Yacht Cakewalk. 


The US Coast Guard mini yacht.  But they're loaded for bear.  (gun on the front) 

Cakewalk again with the side door open. 

The tiny little tender inside. 

Navy ships in port in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic.

 A back side view of Mondesi, defender of the Indian cause.

Fortelaza Ozama.

 I never knew Santo Domingo was so big.

Princess Cay in the Bahamas  

 Wider view