The Kitchen is finally Finished






Here is the newly remodeled Kester kitchen circa 1987 or 1988.

It was time for a change, so the new remodel started in November 2005.  Sadly, it just finished today when the new carpet was installed.  July 5, 2006.

These cabinets are still the same but Cherry Veneer was applied, new doors, new drawers and new drawer fronts.


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And updated appliances including a built-in dishwasher. 


I really like having the DW built in.


If you scroll all the way right, you see the entrance to the kitchen from the family room. 

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Working your way to the right is the old corner cupboard now a bookshelf and place for the TV.

And the re-done bench and window blinds.  It was tough finding someone to sell me unfinished blinds so I could stain them to match the cupboards.

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A head-on view of the bench and window.

The leather is a whole half hide. 

It's called Latigo.  It's the heaviest leather I could find.  As you see from the dog toy, this is a popular place for poochies to sit so I wanted to find some tough leather that will hold up.





A closer view.


Oops, not quite done, I need to paint the heater.  It looks a little shabby now.


Looking further to the right is the start of the new cabinets.


Patty also has some decorating to do yet.  Some items for the blank yellow wall.

And here is where I removed the old corner cabinet that was like the one in the previous pics at the other end of the kitchen.

To the far right of the picture is the door to the rest of the house.   This is where the pictures started in the first shot.

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Another pic of the new cabinets.  These were made in my shop from 3/4" cherry plywood and solid cherry was used for the face frames and doors.


The glass in the upper doors is one piece with a unique peel and stick lead material to make them look like stained glass.


It's hard to tell from the pic, but there is indirect lighting above the cabinets, lights inside the uppers, and under cabinet lights to light up the counter.






Just a bigger picture of the corner cabinet turned into a book shelf.


And the funky cabinet.  There used to be broom closet turned pantry here, but I had to rip it out to allow the larger fridge.  So I felt compelled to put a cabinet back in there even though it's kinda narrow.  I'm still undecided about small cabinets above the fridge.  For now, I think not.


The End