West Coast Cruise - September 2010

This cruise was actually 2 (supposed to have been 3) cruises back to back.  The first cruise is the 7 day Alaska departing Seattle. 

 Day by Day Inin

 This was "supposed" to be the second cruise.  It was a 1 day that took the ship from Seattle to Vancouver.  HOWEVER, thanks to the Jones Act/Passenger Vessel Services act, we were told that boarding our Alaska trip in Seattle and ending our West coast trip in San Diego constituted transporting us between 2 US ports even though they were 3 separate cruises.  Sooo, we had to catch the Shuttle Bus from Seattle to Vancouver and spend the night in a Hotel in Vancouver while we waited for the ship to catch up.  Then we RE-Boarded and got back in the SAME cabin on the SAME ship and headed out.  Sheesh.

 This was the second part of the trip.  A 12 day West Coast US and Mexico trip.

The day by day for this trip. 

Waiting for our room at the Sheraton Seattle.

A Seattle style Police cruiser. 

The main entrance to  Pike Place Market

The infamous  Seattle Space Needle.  Built for the 1962 world's fair.

 The marina next to our ship

Inside the covered pool area.  The view from the seat I spent a fair amount of time in. 

 Quest field now CenturyLink field to the left and Safeco field to the right.

 Downtown Seattle as viewed from our ship.


Wider shot of Seattle 

 Another Needle shot.  Sorry about the industrial crud in the shot.

Here we are in Alaska, on our way to Glacier Bay.  

I'm a poet and don't even know it.

Blows from whales in the area

 One of the Alaska State ferry boats that operate all around Alaska.

 The first whale tail seen on the trip.


Timing is everything.  To bad I missed this one.  :-) 




No idea what mountain but just thought it was beautiful. 


Early morning and the water was pretty flat.  Sorry about the lines in the way.  If I leaned out any more off the balcony, I would have been checking the water temp. 



My new wallpaper on my PC at work.  We were moving but the ships wake was off to the left out of the shot. 

 The Reid Glacier in Glacier Bay park..

Little Icebergs 

 Lamplugh Glacier



Distant shot of the Johns Hopkins Glacier 

 Folks assembled on the bow for some glacier viewing.




Click here for a panoramic view of the Johns Hopkins Glacier


These next few shots are looking at Johns Hopkins left to right. 





Some seals parked on their own private iceberg.  

 What's left of the splash of some "Calving".





Welcome to Juneau.  Sorry for the blur.  It was early morning with not a ton of light and using my phone camera. 

Same camera excuse.  The Mount Roberts Tramway. 

Downtown Juneau.  The Red Dog Saloon is the red building in the center of the shot. 

Getting ready for our shore excursion to Taki Glacier Lodge.  We all loaded up into these Wings Airways DeHavilland Otters.


The last Otter was made in 1967.  It originally had old style Pratt and Whitney radial engine.  These have all be re-powered with Garrett TPE331-10 turbine engines producing over 900 HP per the Wings web site. 

 I was VERY fortunate.  Ok, and a tiny bit pushy.  As they told us which plane to get on, I made sure I got "Right Seat" for the outbound trip.  Here was my view right after takeoff.

 A marina in West Juneau






 Our pilot doing this thing.  Sorry but I don't remember his name.

Now that is one BIG glacier field. 



 Pretty sure this is Twin Glacier Lake






One of the other planes that was part of our group heading to Taku Lodge. 

 And Another



 Banking for a landing.

Get ready for touchdown on the Taku River.  . 

The dock at Taku Lodge 

One of the others in our group coming into the dock. 

And another 


The Taku Lodge where we were served a wonder meal.  

BBQ Wild Alaska King Salmon caught the day before not far from where we landed with all the trimmings including wonderful fresh made biscuits.

Hole-In-The-Wall Glacier looking out from the lodge front yard. 

The planes left and then came back to get us when we were done. 




 We had a visitor at the lodge.  

The lodge person (holding the stick in the picture) kept her in the tree until we all went inside to eat. 

Once we were eating she came down and cleaned up any scraps from the grill area.


 Such a face.


Our plane returns 



 Alas, I didn't get right seat on the way back.  The plane had really nice up to date avionics.  You wouldn't know that the last of this model aircraft was made in 1967.


Some of the pools up in the the mountains. 



 Follow the leader.

 Downtown Juneau and our ship.

Marina in Juneau 


 Following our other planes in for a landing.

As the sign says, Welcome to Ketchikan.   

No I didn't forget to take pictures in Sitka.  There was a nasty storm brewing out to the west.  The captain decided we needed to skip Sitka and head for Ketchikan and then take the Canadian Inside passage to avoid the storm.  It ended up being a very wise decision.

The Creek Street shops 

We had some bumpy seas after leaving Ketchikan and before getting "inside". 

We're now in Victoria BC.  This was either the  Volendam or the Zaandam headed into the other port are in Victoria.

 The city in the background.  We decided to just stay on the ship.


And old taxi. 

 We had unexpected visitors

 Heli-port.  Saw a couple of life-flight helo's come in and out.

 Another DeHavilland Otter in use.





After Victoria, we ended our first cruise in Seattle.  This is where the strange part came into play because of the silly US regulations.  So here is Patty giving her best smile while on the bus from Seattle to Vancouver. 

 We made it to Vancouver!  Here's the Golden Princess getting ready to depart.

 Here was our hotel.  The Pan Pacific Vancouver.  It's  part of Canada Place where our ship docked.

 A shot of our ship from Stanley Park.

 The scenic overlook from Stanley park of the Lions Gate Bridge.  Opened in 1938.  It joins Vancouver with North Shore of the district of Vancouver.

Looking to the west from the overlook in Stanley park. 

 Canada Place famous Sails.

 Some brave workers working on the sails.






The  Vancouver Convention Center.  

 The seaplane base just west of the convention center.

 Stanley Park and the Lions Gate Bridge.

 The harbor area and some of the many high-rise living areas.

 Lions Gate again.






A floating gas station in the harbor. 


 Stanley Park



The overlook in Stanley Park where I took the earlier pictures. 


Double ender ferry. 

 Graced with a rainbow.  And we could see the whole thing.




We are coming into the Columbia river in Astoria Oregon and here is the Pilor Boat Columbia.  It's a jet powered 72 foot boat.  They Pilots have 2 of these.  The other is the Chinook.


Interestingly enuf, MOST of the time, the Pilots board the ships by Helicopter due to the heavy weasther of their boarding grounds.

Not too rough today. 



 Our dock while in Astoria.  The white tents were a very nice little "art fair" type area.

The place we lived for 19 days. 


 This was a very cool Coast Guard exhibit at the Columbia River Maritime Museum.

 They have this old 44 foot Motor Lifeboat mounted inside the museum depicting the rough seas found out on "the bar".



The retired light ship Columbia. 



 The Astoria-Megler bridge spanning the Columbia river between Astoria Oregon and Megler Washington.

 The Columbia Pilot boat again.






The Astoria Column.   It was built in 1926 and is 125 feet tall.


View from the area where the column sits. 


 Here's the Wiki on it.



Here we are looking at Avalon on Catalina Island California.

There are a limited number of cars allowed on the Island.  Our guide said that when a child is born, they put them on the waiting list to be able to get a  permit to have a car on the island.  According to Wikipedia, the wait list is 10 years.

But there are a bunch of golf carts.


Getting ready to tender 

Very cute tug cruiser. 

 The old Casino.


This is our shore excursion for the day.  We're going out looking for sea critters. 

The Oosterdam anchored off Avalon. 

 A nice little runabout coming in to dock.

Another view of the Casino. 

The Avalon Bell Tower.