Southern Caribbean Cruise 2004

Here is our Itinerary for this trip.  We flew into San Juan, PR and headed east and south.







This was our cabin door on Serenade of the Seas. Notice the door bell at the right.  Way cool.  (Not that we had that many visitors)  We splurged and got a mini suite.  It wasn't much more money, so I figured it would be nice to try.





A view of the bath.  The tub/shower combo were to the right.






Our room looking from the balcony in.






Another shot looking in to the right.  Patty is probably going to shoot me for putting in this shot, but oh well.






Now we're looking from the hallway toward the balcony.





And to the left




This and the next shot were supposed to illustrate the "walk-in" closet but I'm not sure you get the full impressiveness of this closet.  I've never see one so large on a ship.






The other view.






Here we are docked in St Thomas, USVI





As we were leaving St Thomas, this cruise ship was arriving.  We had both left San Juan together.





Each night, we had a towel creature left in our room.  This night was a Stingray.





This is the pier in St Maarten looking toward the city.  You had to either take a land or water taxi to get into town (Phillipsburg).  This is the Dutch side of the island.





Here we are in the marina area in the French side of the island.  This is Marigot.






Another shot




This is the multi-million $$ home of a Texaco big shot.  Sorry, but I don't remember his name.

It over looks Simpson Bay lagoon.






Boats and yachts (in the background) in the lagoon.






On of the "smaller" yahts.





This is the American University of St Maarten School of Medicine.





I believe these are condo's across the bay from the University.




Again, the pier on the Dutch side.  The Serenade of the Seas on the left and Brilliance of the Seas on the right.  It's a sister ship of the Serenade.





Downtown Phillipsburg as we were leaving.






Brilliance still at the Pier.





Our towel dog.  Not as good as our real doggies, but it did well in a pinch.





This was our Rigid Hull Inflatable tour in Antigua.  What a blast.  40' with 2 225 HP outboards.  We were blasting through the Caribbean and Atlantic at 50-60 MPH on these things.





This was our swim and snorkel stop.  A nice little beach hideaway.  





This is looking into Nelson's Dockyard National Park.






An old sailing vessel at Nelson's.  This is a training ship, but I apologize, I can't remember the name of port that it hails from.





Some of the old buildings at Nelson's












The view looking out of Nelson's.  On the right side of the entrance to the harbor is the old fort.






Our Lobster






Here we are entering the harbor at St Lucia





The place we're going to be docking.  Lots of little shops





Argh, the pirate ship





The Hess trsnsshipping storage facility in St Lucia.  This is a deep harbor facility where tankers bring in crude and off load it, then it gets shipped from here to other places in the Caribbean to be refined.  




This is Marigot Bay.  My favorite place in St Lucia (based on what I saw)





It's actually a double harbor with this little jetty of land dividing the two.





Looking out toward open water





The inner harbor





A hotel in the outer harbor.






The jetty again





Sulphur springs park "drive in volcano". 





Hot pools.  Temperatures are as high as 93 C.  199 degrees F.





Another view





"The Pitons"





Pitons, The (pee-TONZ), twin peaks, SW St. Lucia, on S Soufriere Bay, 13 mi/21 km SSW of Castries. Petit Piton (N) rises to 2,461 ft/750 m and Gros Piton to 2,619 ft/798 m. They form remarkable, pyramidical cones, detached from other mts.





Another view, this time from land of Marigot Bay.





A tourist visiting St Lucia.





Our ship while docked in St Lucia.  Our cabin indicated by the arrow.






Closer shot






Our balcony




Up on the 12th floor of the Serenade is a glass floor which allows you to stand there and look down into the atrium.  A spooky feeling.





This is the lovely atrium taken from approx the 11th floor off to one side.





A view of Castries, St Lucia.






Another view





An old military facility.  Can't remember the name though.




The runway at George Charles airport comes right to the edge of the harbor.  As you can see, then ships are coming and going, aircraft need to land a little long to avoid landing ON the ships.





The pirate ship heading home after a long day or doing pirate stuff





A sea view of the Pitons 





A Patty and a Piton in the same picture.






Our lovely swans





Here we are in Barbados





This doesn't look like much, but it is a big buck hotel.  Something like 2000 a night.




We went on a catamaran tour for about 5 hours.  We stopped and snorkeled with giant sea turtles, had a lovely lunch, then stopped here to swim.  This was our 60 foot cat.  The "Spirit of Barbados".





A couple of the other cats on tour at the same time as us.






Another shot of the ship






Our monkey dude.






This is the solarium aboard the ship.  All enclosed, kid-free pool, bar, and snack area.





This is the main show lounge aboard.  Sorry for the blur.












The main pool





The hot tubs






This is the island of Montserrat.





The volcano here began erupting in 1995.  There were over 10,000 people living here before the eruption.  About 8000 fled the island.  Now only 4500 remain or have returned.





The town is Plymouth was destroyed.

As you can see in the panoramic shot, the town was buried.  They had just finished building a new pier to try and attract cruise ships to the island when the volcano erupted.

For a panoramic view of the town, click Here.





The whole are is a ghost town.