Trans-Atlantic Cruise November 2001

This was our route.  We started in Barcelona, Spain and ended in Ft Lauderdale, FL, 23 days later.  Whew!





We arrived a day early in Barcelona and stayed the night at the Barcelona Hilton.  Here's a shot of our room.  Very Euro looking.







The desk area of the room. 




Just a shot of the typical buildings we saw in Barcelona.




A rather unique looking radio tower.





A sneak peak into the olympic stadium.





The stadium entrance.





A view of a portion of Barcelona looking  back over the stadium.




The Rotterdam awaits us.  Our cabin was 6202.  The arrow is pointing at our verandah.





A close-up of our "porch"




A portion of the harbor in Barcelona.




A smiling pretty lady with our ship in the background.




Scanning left through the harbor.




Further left over the harbor and city.





and further left.




and further.  You can see the "unfinished church" at the left.





Last shot further to the left.





A monument to Christopher Columbus.






A building designed by Gaudi.  Sorry for the blur.  The bus didn't stop for us.





Another view.





The "Unfinished Church".  New construction to the left is continuing based on Gaudi's continued design.






We finally got on board the ship!  This is our cabin.






An "Enhanced" view.  :-)





The cabin as you look back toward the door.





The verandah.





The whirlpool tub that we never got around to using.  Sorry for the blur.


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