Trans-Atlantic Cruise November 2001 (Gibraltar and Morocco)



The eastward face of Gibraltar.  Don't quote me, but I think they said is was some sort of water treatment facility.






One of the famous monkeys of Gibraltar.






The like to eat dry pasta.






Another cutie...





Hanging out...





Taking some food from the tour operator.





One chubby monkey!





And the youngsters.












The Renaissance fleet was tied up in Gibraltar after going bankrupt after 9/11.






Another view






Our ship.





The airport in Gibraltar.  Note the roadway going across the runway!  They just stop traffic when planes come in for a landing.





Another airport view






Inside "The Rock".  The caves hollowed out by the military.





No comment here.





Lisa our guide telling us about the 100 ton gun.





View from the "top of the rock".





The cable car which takes you to the top.





On our way down.





Another view on the way down from the top.





A different view of the rock.  The tunneled our areas are on the left.





The pink colored building is where the cable car ends up.





A view as we leave.





Sunset as we head for Casablanca.





The reset stop on our way to Marrakech.






Another view





Inside one of the bazaar's in Marrakech.






The ceiling of the palace in Marrakech.





Another room





Another shot inside one of the bazzar's.





Classic Marrakech.  Bikes, cars, dust everywhere.





The main open air market area






The landscape to and from Marrakech.





Dromedaries in Agadir.





The view of the fishing fleet in Agadir





Another view





The happy traveler.










More Dromedaries.






Signs of the Moroccan leader are everywhere.


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