Terry's Automobile History



My first car.  A Crystal Turquoise 1969 Bonneville.  This picture circa 1980.  Power was a 428 cu. in. 4bbl coupled to a Hydromatic Turbo 400 trans with a B & M shift kit.  She was screamer for a big old boat.






Another view of the old girl.




Second vehicle was a 197 Dodge Aspen Station Wagon.  Kind of a Brown color.  If I can find a pic, I'll put it here.  


My first NEW car.  It's a "Smokey and the Bandit" version 1982 Trans Am.  First year of the body style which is STILL basically the same in 2001.  Powered by a 305 and a 4 speed stick. 





The Trans Am was just not a good vehicle for the winter time, so the 1948 Willy's came along.  It was originally orange.  I went to ACO, bought umpteen cans of Black Gloss spray paint and went to work.  A little tape stripe from Murray's and voila.  Also installed the roll bar and racing seat belts.  You really NEEDED the belts.  This thing could throw you right out when you hit the slightest bump.  Pictures are from summer 1982.  The cool  looking model is my cousin Jeff.  I wished I would have kept this one.  It was a strange little jeep, but I liked it.



Well, the Jeep was just not practical to drive to and from work.  It was fun toy, but I need a REAL winter vehicle, so the Blazer pictured here behind the TA was the next acquisition.  It memory serves me right, it was a 1979.




Only pic of the 1985 Bronco II I could find was when it was attached to my first Boat.  The Bronco II was my second new vehicle.  Bought it when I sold the TA.  The Bonneville was sold to buy the boat.  A 1972 18' Sea-ray with a 302 Ford V-8.  A 57 mph screamer!



The next vehicle after the Bronco II was the 1987 full size Bronco.  The baby Bronco had to go.  In 1986, the 24' Liberator replaced the Sea-Ray and the Bronco II just had a miserable time towing it.  Of course the B-II was rated for 1800 pounds and the Liberator was 6000.  Can't blame the baby Bronco.  :-)





Somewhere around 1990, I got the Mercury Marquis pictured here with my next boat, a 1985 34' Silverton, purchased in 1991.



Another MIA.  My F-150 pickup.  Circa 1984 I think.



Around 1992, I got this Explorer.  It was a lease vehicle from when I worked at Kmart.  Don't ask me what possessed me to pick that color!  As you can see, it was my vehicle in 1993 when I got married.  Fancy decoration courtesy of my friends Rod, Paul, and probably a few others.



Oops, another vehicle missing in action.  A green 1996 Explorer 2-door.


Can you tell that my father-in-law worked for Ford?  Pictured here is my 1997 Expedition (Green), Patty's 1997 Expedition (Black), and my new 1999 pick-up.  Don't worry, I didn't really own these all at the same time!  My Expedition went back to the dealer the next day.  Just thought this was a cool picture.



Waiting for a pic of the current vehicle.  A 2000 Explorer.  Hopefully I remember to get a pic before turning this one in.