Map Legend

+CG Denotes Positive cloud to ground strike    -CG Negative cloud to ground strike
+IG Positive intracloud strike                            -IG Negative intracloud strike

Nexstorm software produces an identifier which you will see next to a colored circle.

The format is: A-NNNN- or + S and ^ - v  (EX: W2647-9^)

The First letter and next 4 numbers are uniquely generated for each storm based on time of detection.

The -/+ indicates dominating strike polarity, the S is the number of strikes per minute for that target.  And the ^ or v indicates if the storm is increasing, steady or decreasing.

So for the example above, W-2647 is the storm ID, it's Negative Polarity, 9 strikes per minute, and increasing.

The Storm circle colors indicate:

Circle            Strike Rate/Min                Classification

Green            1-10                                    Weak

Yellow          11-49                                 Moderate

Red                >50                                    Severe