Western Caribbean Feb 2006

This was a 7 day Western cruise on Rhapsody of the Seas, departing Galveston, Tx.



Here's the Itinerary





And my usual shot so I remember what room we were in.




Looking in from the hallway.





Looking in from the verandah.


Why this picture you ask?  Well, some of that luggage is OURS!  

We started our vacation a day early (Saturday) with hopes of visiting Patty's relatives in Houston.  We awoke at 3 a.m. for our 6 a.m., flight out of Metro.  It had a connection in Memphis which was iced in. (continued...)

The green bag at the right is Patty's.


So we managed to arrive in Memphis to find our flight to Houston cancelled because of the weather.  So we were put on a flight to San Antonio and then one to Houston BUT we were 1.5 hours late departing Memphis (continued...)

The 2 black bags and our one green bag.  Hurray.


So we missed our flight in San Antonio and had to wait on stand by for two more flights to Houston.  We finally arrived in Houston around 6 p.m.  Guess what.  No luggage.


It's almost on the ship!


So, we ran around to both the Continental and Northwest desks, filled out lost luggage claims, and ended up at the hotel at 7:00. 16 hours to go from Detroit to Houston.  We ended up taking a cab on Sunday morning (early) to a 24 hours Wal-Mart and where we bought some things to last us a couple days until we arrived here in Key West 2 days later.

Photo stitch of Key West. Click here to see a wide panoramic view of Key West from dockside.  


Early morning heading into Grand Cayman.  The ship on the left is Carnival Conquest and the right is a Princess ship.




And here comes another Royal Caribbean ship and another Princess ship.




The sun is trying to come up and shine for us.




Ta da.


Tatoosh.  One of Paul Allen's little toys.  (Microsoft co-founder)

Tatoosh is 301 feet long and has a 40' Hinckley sailboat AND 40' Hinckley power boat AND a Helicopter on board.


His largest yacht is Octopus which is 413'.




A closer shot so you can see the name.




Trying to capture all the ships in this day.  If I remember correctly, there were another or or two more that showed up after this picture was taken.




Tatoosh, Radiance of the Seas, and the funnel of Carnival Conquest.

Downtown Georgetown just in front of the bow of Radiance.




The storefronts of downtown Georgetown that line the waterfront.





The VERY busy tender docks.  They have built another set just to the north of these as well.






Fast forward to Cozumel, Mx.  Cozumel docks were damaged by Hurricane Wilma so we had to tender into the main dock downtown.




One of the cruise ship docs damaged.




A closer shot of the damaged pier.




Another shot.  Note the fence closing it off.




Conquest was keep pretty much the same itinerary.



Our ship, Rhapsody of the Seas, as we return from a day in Cozumel.




Our room was right under the green glass to the right of the pillar above the lifeboat door.


The End