Western Caribbean 2003

Our second ever cruise aboard a Royal Caribbean ship.  This was the Rhapsody of the Seas




We arrived in Galveston a day early and visited with relatives.  We stayed at the Tremont House hotel.  A 19th century hotel with all the updates.  This is the bath. 









Our beds.  Note that everything is black and white.


















Notice the very high ceilings. 







The view looking into our cabin on Rhapsody Of The Seas.  (Had to close off the balcony to get a shot)





Looking the other direction








The sneaky mirror shot.






The Centrum sculpture.  This monster is all custom bent and laminated wood. 








The inside elevators





















The bottom of the Centrum.








The outdoor pool








One of the Gulf oil rigs in Galveston.














The view looking out to sea.






The Tremont House Hotel is the one with the blue top.  Our room was one of the windows you can see on the 2nd or 3rd floor.  I can't remember which.






A view of Galveston.







Here we are in Key West about to board a restored PT Boat.















Our balcony







Wider view








The Rhapsody of the Seas







Yours truly at the helm of the PT boat.




























Coast Guard Cutter Mohawk




















The Coast Guard base at Key West.









The marina. 




























A sunset series while finishing up out PT boat ride.








































































































Patty enjoying the beautiful sunset abort PT 728.




























An older submarine.  Sorry don't know the name.





















The internal pool in the solarium on the ship.  It's adults only.








Carnival was visiting Belize at the same time as we were.







The following shots are in the Belize zoo.  




























I believe these were piranha fishies.













Toucan Sam







Pretty kitty







Only a mother could love these.














Even the babies are ugly.















Snoozing kitty

















































Shoes on the hoof




























A pretty owl
















































This is where we had lunch just before boarding a boat for a tour down the Belize river.  We had a very tasty chicken lunch despite how this place looked.








The alternate dining room.







These lovely critters were all along the river.





















If you look closely, you can see the iguana relaxing in the tree.








And again













Some local retailers







The Tsunami was the boat that took us down the Belize river.









We had to be shuttled from the ship to the shore.  There was an armada of various "busses".  Ever see FOUR outboards on a boat?







Carnival leaving.






Here we are in Cozumel.  We did a jeep tour.  Unbelievably rough trail.







Ancient ruins at the end of our trail.








The pier at Cozumel.  A Voyager class ship (left) and us to the right.





It was a little breezy.  Lot of lines securing these big ships.








Taking pictures on our last day at sea.