Europe 2003
Our journey began on November 3, 2003.  We departed Metro Airport bound for Rome.  (2 hours late)


We arrived in Rome Tuesday afternoon, November 4, 2003.  We relaxed as bit, had some dinner and went to bed.  The following photos were from a guided tour from Italy's Best.


For a better description of many of the places I show here, check out: 





The chains that bound St Peter, located in the Church of St Peter In Chains.






The Arch of Constantine.





The Colosseum.  It was started between 70 and 76 AD and finished in 80 AD.





Inside The Colosseum.

The walls in the very bottom (under the modern walkway) were where they kept the lions.




On top of the walls where the lions were kept, was a huge wooden floor.  They have recreated some of it here in the foreground of the picture.  This was the "field surface" of the Colosseum.




The underlying structure was brick and then was faced with stone.


The pock marks you see are from iron ties inside the stone that had been dug out at one period when iron was scarce.







The Arch of Titus





The underside of the arch.





Another shot under the arch.





The Roman Forum





The Arch of Septimlus.





The Arch again only with Sandy's back, Patty looking at the camera, and Carla, our guide in green on the right.





The Roman Senate.






Capitol Hill





The Trevi Fountain.


Darned shadows.





Above the Trevi Fountain.






The Pantheon.  Built in 27 BC and rebuilt as seen here between 118 and 128 AD











I really need a better camera.  This was inside and I apologize for the blur.  There is a domed ceiling that spans 142 feet.  The largest until the Florence Cathedral came along in the 1400's.






The hole at the top of the Pantheon.  This used to have a bronze "lid" but it was taken off and used elsewhere. 





Bridges over the Tiber with St Peter's in the background.






The Former Justice Palace.





A gorgeous mosaic in the Vatican museum.




The view looking out of the Vatican Museum down the street of our hotel.










Still in the Vatican.  No this is not the Sistine Chapel.






St Peter's Basilica






The doors leading into St Peter's.





St Peter's square.  The Pope stands at the window in the middle on the second level.


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