Europe 2003 (continued.  Venice and Loutraki, Greece)




Our lovely sunny day in Venice.  This is in Murano outside a glass factory we visited.





Looking out from Murano





Looking out toward Burano.  Notice the leaning bell tower in Burano.





The beautiful colorful houses in Burano.






A canal looking out from the main square.  






The main square of Burano






The entrance to a lovely lace shop.






Another view of the main square






and another.





The leaning bell tower a little closer.





The market area of Burano.  What little I saw of Burano, I really liked.





Onward to Greece.

The Theater of Dionysos






Another view





and another





Athens Observatory





Patty at the Parthenon




The Erechteion




another view





I believe this is the Olympian Temple


The Olympic stadium is in the background





Ancient Olympic Stadium





Another view





Looking down at Athens from atop the Acropolis





The Parthenon sitting atop the Acropolis






The Corinth Canal





Sunset over our ship in Loutraki 

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