Europe 2003 (continued.  Corfu, Greece and Valletta, Malta)










A village at the top of the mountains in Corfu






One of "the locals"





We had a nice little snack while we were visiting.


(Sandy with her HAL tour sticker)





Everything we were served was home made.  Wine, Ouzo, cheese, sausage, and fresh bread.   It was wonderful!





A view of the countryside on our way down the mountain






another view





Here we are entering the port at Valetta, Malta





Remains of the wall surrounding Valetta.






Looking into the city from the main entrance.






The streets of San Francisco?  Nope, Valetta, Malta





More Harbor views





Our ship, the Oosterdam as it sits docked in Valetta





One of the typical city busses running around Valetta.  (With Luann in front of it)





The view from on top of The MedinaWinery we visited.






The vines.






Looking up at Mdina, Malta





The entrance to Mdina






A "city" street in Mdina






For all you Ford people visiting my site, this is a Ford truck I found in Mdina.  See the steering wheel in the next photo






See the Ford logo in the middle of the wheel.








The Cathedral of Mdina





The buildings facing Cathedral square





The following are views from Mdina looking down toward Valetta





There were some kitties in Mdina.  When this lady drove up, they all converged on her.





Our room was the one just to the right of the one with the lights on.  ------------>>




Another view, again to the right of the one with lights on.


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