Trans-Atlantic Cruise November 2001  (France)



Welcome to Villefranche, France.  We had to tender in here because the harbor in Monaco was under construction.  This was actually better I think.  It was very picturesque. 





Another view





And another...




Here we are at the farmers market in Nice.  Tons of fresh fruits, veggies, fish, and FLOWERS.  Everyone had flowers to sell.  Oh ya, marzipan of everything imaginable. 





A view of the harbor in Nice.






Another harbor view





A view of the ship as it stood at anchor in Villefranche.




Here's Patty on the "streets" of Eze.  Pronounced like Ezz.

Eze is a village carved into a hilltop.  This was done for protection.  The village overlooks the sea.

Lots of little shops, some homes, and some restaurants crammed into the hill.

No cars here, you have to park at the bottom and walk up!







A view looking inland from Eze







Another view inside Eze.







And another view.





This is someone's private residence with a view of the ocean.




One of the little shops of Eze.  Patty deciding how many of what to buy.  The shop keeper here was very nice.  She kept apologizing for her poor English (which was actually pretty good). 





On our way into Monte Carlo...





Another view inbound to Monte Carlo.

The large Yacht was "an" Onassis yacht.








The side view of the casio.






The front of the casino.  We didn't go in.  They wanted to charge just to go in the snoop, so we stayed outside.





A view of Hotel.  They were shooting some movie footage this day.  Note the white limo out front.






The Hotel and casino roundabout.






Another casino shot from further back.





Now this is a small car!!!





Patty next to her new car!





Expensive cars everywhere.





The construction going on in the harbor.  (The reason we couldn't dock or tender here)





Kids going out for their sailing lesson for the day.






The church Monaco's royalty attend.








A view of the harbor.






Another harbor view.  A few $$'s spent on boats down there.






Another view





The city is pretty tightly packed.






The guard outside the Prince's palace.





A view of the palace.





Another harbor.  Lots of yachts around here.






Another view of Monte Carlo.





Now were off to Avenon ?sp, France.  This is the palace of the popes. 

For over 100 years, the popes were here rather than Italy due to fighting in Italy.





The position of pope was more political than it was religious during these times.





Very little religious articles inside.





Les Baux, France.  Another villiage similar to Eze.  Build into a hillside.





A view of the countryside from Les Baux.


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