Trans-Atlantic Cruise November 2001 (Palma de Mallorca Spain)




One of the many windmills of Palma de Malloca.






More windmills.





And another



Onward to Almeria Spain.

You would not believe the number of greenhouses.  They call it plastic city (or something like that)  The greenhouses are made of poles and wire with plastic over them.  Probably 6-8 foot high.  We must have driven 20 miles with nothing but greenhouses over every square inch of space.





Here in Granada at the Alhambra.


This shot is attempting to show the original wood ceilings.






The view from the Alhambra.






Another view





One of the courtyards.





The "coliseum".





The Alhambra gardens.





These are cypress hedges.






Looking from the gardens back toward the palace area.





All the water in the gardens at Alhambra is gravity fed by aqueduct technology.





Nightime view of the fortress at Almeria.  This was taken from our room on the ship.  


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